Winners of the #Let’sStartToday campaign by Capitec realize their travel dreams to visit and experience Namibia.

To find people who believe in your dream is a wonderful feeling. Capitec has gone one better, challenging their clients to achieve their aspirations by saying ‘Let’s Start Today’, then offering the prize of making those visions a reality. As Content Marketing & Production Specialist, Esona Ndongeni and Marketing Coordinator, Jordan Dunn from Capitec did this April for Julie Ann Kreusch and partner Kathleen Germaine who had apsirations to travel, and thanks to Capitec, that is exactly what they got the chance to do by visiting Namibia and enjoying a stay at Le Mirage Resort and Spa (https://www.mirage-lodge.com/en/) in the epic landscape of the Namib desert, courtesy of Capitec.

After touching down in Windhoek, the Dreamboard winners and Capitec team members headed South East into the desert to their destination where they would experience a range of activities, premium accommodation offering first-class meals and the opportunity to enjoy the facilities available including a spa, pool and jacuzzi. The vision rising from the desert was the perfectly named Le Mirage Resort & Spa – a Travellers’ Choice Winner, proudly managed by William Danster. The oasis rooms at the Moroccan-style castle with their thick rock walls, looked out over the eternal Namib, making them feel like a character in a movie. The region is home to the gemsbok, and further afield desert elephants. The winners, along with Esona and Jordan, were pinching themselves at experiencing this landscape first hand.


“The reason why the team and ourselves started the campaign Let’s Start Today was because we saw that there was a lot happening in South Africa (a lot of issues) however, we don’t want our clients to dwell on the negative stuff but rather dwell on the positive and, as Capitec, we like to give back to our clients. So, we wanted to awaken their dreams within them.” Esona explained.

After a dip in the courtyard pool, a round of celebratory cocktails, and a jacuzzi in the midst of a desert, this felt like the ultimate spoiling which was then followed by a lunch of wild, desert flavours sealing the deal. Being famous game country, lunch began with a Springbok carpaccio followed by an equally delicious option of Hartebeest steak or roasted pork neck. Head chef, Saymore Mutangadura, gets to serve the kind of venison other foodies dream of and all in this unforgettable setting. After a good rest to let lunch settle, and with endless desert to explore in all directions, team Capitec were ready for a quad bike safari. The distances here are so vast that 4 wheels are essential. Splashing out on these types of adventures when visiting the desert to truly experience the magic of the landscape, is a must.

Esona explains that travelling and booking adventures of this kind are more than possible with Capitec. She adds, “The nice thing about being a Capitec client is the fact that if you get our credit card, when you travel abroad, the conversion fees are unbeatable. They are literally close to nothing. However, if you are travelling to Southern African countries like Namibia, the conversion fees are zero. So, I would suggest, if you are thinking of travelling, first travel to our African countries. See the local places first.” Jordan went on to add, “All Capitec clients who have a credit card with us, and are also signed up to Live Better, get 1.5% back whenever tapping abroad. Who doesn’t want extra cash when you come back from your holiday trip?” 

You too deserve to dream big and bank simpler. Visit https://www.capitecbank.co.za/personal/transact/open-an-account/ for more information on how to switch to Capitec today. And, if you are already a Capitec client, visit https://www.capitecbank.co.za/personal/credit/credit-card/ to explore all the benefits and travel perks on offer with a Capitec credit card.

The team concluded, “It’s been an absolute pleasure to allow Julia Ann to experience one of her dreams to travel, especially travelling in Africa because not a lot of people travel on the continent. We as Capitec are proud to make that dream come true.”

With Capitec, dreams can come true and adventure awaits. Be sure to catch the second installment of the dreamboard winners’ adventures in Namibia on The Insider SA next week.

Capitec Weekly Competition:

With so many extraordinary destinations inside and just over our borders, and so many dreams to realize, you could stand the chance of winning a R1000 cash prize, courtesy of Capitec to get one step closer to making them come true. Share your fantasy getaway dream by simply replying to the competition post on theinsidersa.co.za social media platforms using #Let’sStartToday. The competition closes at midnight on Sunday 6 May.  Ts&Cs apply and can be found here: Ts&Cs.



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