The Capitec Dreamboard winners enjoy the second leg of their prize holiday to ‘out of this world’ Namibia.

Once is never enough to explore the Namib – a name which literally means ‘vast place’. This week, we rejoin Julie Ann Kreusch and Kathleen Germaine on their Namibian journey. After posting this as their fantasy destination on Capitec’s #Let’sStartToday Great South African Dreamboard, here they are, living the dream from their base at the desert oasis of Le Mirage Resort and Spa (

Having enjoyed the first-class facilities, cuisine and adventure activities on offer at the hotel, this week, the winners and Capitec team members, Esona Ndongeni and Jordan Dunn, take to the sky with Namib Sky Balloon Safaris ( All nerves the group might’ve had about heights, soon evaporate at the epic views of the out of this world landscape below.

“This is a first-time experience for us. I thought I would be terrified but I am absolutely loving it. I have definitely overcome any fears there were. This is an absolute must for any visitors to the area. The setting is breathtaking and with this beautiful sunrise, every dune and animal is visible. It’s absolutely stunning.” shares one of the two lucky winners, Kathleen Germaine.

Over a million tourists visit here each year, making this desert a melting pot of cultures from around the world. At the champagne breakfast after the flight, the group of international travellers get to connect and toast the destination. Shopping for mementos at the gift shop to ensure the pair remember the experience, is made simple with their Capitec credit card.

Up next, our group head to the Namib-Naukluft National Park, the largest national park in Africa, for a private tour stopping at several of the world-famous attractions the ancient desert has to offer – including Deadvlei and the world’s tallest dunes, Dune 45 and Big Daddy. Kathleen adds, “The camera doesn’t do it justice. You actually have to experience it in person. Thank you Capitec again for making this possible.”

Whether you’ve climbed Big Daddy or not, returning for a spa treatment feels little short of truly finding an oasis in the desert. As for Julie, she was planning their next trip but there was still a night under the stars to enjoy in one of the tower rooms at the Le Mirage Resort and Spa. Making such dreams a reality is the reason why Capitec launched their Dreamboard.

Marketing Coordinator from the Capitec team, Jordan Dunn, takes time to reflect, “It is really great to work for a bank that really puts clients first and that allows clients to actually achieve their dreams. And it is great that we can give them a taste of travelling.”

If you want a bank that puts you first and helps you achieve your dreams, visit for more information on making the switch to Capitec today. If you are an existing Capitec client and have travel aspirations of your own, go to to explore the benefits and travel perks on offer with a Capitec credit card.

But that’s not all. As Content Marketing & Production Specialist for Capitec, Esona Ndongeni, tells us in closing, “The nice thing is, with #Let’sStartToday, this is not the end. It’s only the beginning. There’s more to come. We will be giving back to some of our clients and we just want to share these moments with them.”

With over 20 million clients, this is just one story. Be sure to follow Capitec and The Insider SA for a chance to share in many others. There are over 20 million more.

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