The cocktail on the tip of everyone’s tongue at the Durban July was undoubtedly Tanqueray’s new Blackcurrant Royale Distilled Gin.

The liberty to party at your leisure feels so unique after all these months and celebrating the first full Durban July in years called for a new spirit. Tanqueray answered with their sumptuous Blackcurrant Royale Distilled Gin, and invited a host of influencers to lead the toast like Sbahle Sithole, Pamela Mtanga, Mbali Sebapu and Phupho Gumede K. 

We caught up with the celebrated individuals’ pre-event for a taste of what was to come for their look for the day.

The ladies took inspiration from Royale by incorporating a purple palette in their dress code; for some it was the colour of their dress, the perfume they wore or the chosen shade of eye shadow.

No occasion is complete without mouthwatering edibles, and Chef Themba Gwejela, from Gwej’s Kitchen, didn’t disappoint. He composed a menu complimented by the gin’s finest French blackcurrants, vanilla, and four classic London Dry botanicals.

After what feels like two years of getting ready for one party, Model and Influencer Tino Chinyani was all set and only too happy to be sipping on a favourite.

“Tanqueray is the perfect drink for daytime and nighttime and I feel like it’s complemented very well by any good meal,” shares Tino. 

He adds, “My favourite Tanqueray is definitely the Royale, as you can see we are African royalty but more than anything, the blackcurrant notes are delicious, especially with an ostrich steak. The two pair very well together.”

With a Royale cocktail the ultimate accessory on the day, what better way could there be to see in ‘the’ calendar event in this sport of Kings and Queens, Shahs and Rajahs. 

Ensuring that this party looked as good as that Blackcurrant Royale tasted was head-turning Designer Otsile Sefolo. The auditor turned fashion entrepreneur who hails from Pretoria and is responsible for the plethora of extravagant looks we’ve seen adorned by our local celebrities. 

Each of the creations were inspired by the rich heritage and unshakeable attention to quality that makes Tanqueray the much-loved brand and product that it is today.  

“I’m having so much fun here at Tanqueray’s Marquee and enjoying their new drink, the Blackcurrant Royale… And love that we get to taste it before the rest of the country does,” shares Phupho. 

This is a gin inspired by the French heritage and travels of Charles Tanqueray. Evoking the boldness of the man himself is the privilege of Brand Manager Nontando Khubisa.

“The last time we had an innovation was two years ago, so we really wanted to remind consumers why we are the premium gin. In order to do that, we need to innovate the category, so it’s very very important for us to continue to give consumers something new and something fresh,” shares Nontando before adding, “We believe Blackcurrant Royale is going to be received very well. Consumers are loving the liquid, and we look forward to seeing how consumers are enjoying it.”

This was a party rich with the aroma of the brand’s signature botanicals and the spirit of good times. As for those born to ride, race day had been worth the wait, and an early night being the furthest thing from anyone’s minds. 

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