Be inspired by big wave surfer Frank Soloman who’s creating ocean based opportunities for the at risk youth of South Africa.

Frank Solomon is a Cape Town-based professional surfer and founder of Parley South Africa and Sentinel Ocean. Together with his team they work to educate, create opportunities and inspire future generations to appreciate the beauty of our ocean. 

Famous around the world for being a big wave surfer, Frank’s launched a programme which helps underprivileged kids learn more about the ocean, surfing and even enabling them to become lifeguards. 

“If we can get the kids while they’re young and teach them about the ocean and why we need to protect it, maybe they can be conscious citizens of our country and our planet,” says Frank of his approach to the initiative.  

Last year the first permanent Parley Ocean School was opened in Hout Bay. The 40-foot educational container hosts sessions dedicated to deepening a physical, scientific and cultural understanding of the marine environment. 

Kholofelo Sethebe, Marine Biologist and Educator at Parley Ocean School, explains more about the programme offered. “We try to educate the kids about plastic pollution, we all know how much of a threat that is to our oceans. We cover 8 different topics spanning 8 weeks and the first week we teach the kids about how the oceans generate the air that we breathe – which many people don’t seem to know.”

Franks says, “I want to create ocean guardians out of these kids. Kids that are from the community, that really care about our environment and really want to protect it, but then also have opportunities into the ocean economy. So that they can become surf instructors, life guards, and go to work on super yachts or study marine biology if they really care about protecting the ocean.”

By empowering the youth Frank Solomon’s aim is to inspire a generation to become more conscious, healthy and responsible for the environment.