Darren Solomon takes us on one of Africa’s most scenic hikes and gives us a first timer’s guide to the Otter Trail.

Reality TV finalist Darren Solomon is known for beating man-made challenges and as a pioneer of social media marketing, he blazes trails instead of following them. 

Darren Solomon with #TeamMangoPeach team member Siphesihle Vazi on the Tropika Island of Treasure Curacao finale

As a first timer hiking the natural gauntlet and splendour of South Africa’s renowned Otter Trail, he felt confident. But also conscious – that only an unwise man takes on Nature without humility.

So does he have what it takes to complete the Otter Trail?

Located in the Garden Route National Park lies South Africa’s oldest and most iconic hiking route. Its name stems from the Cape Clawless Otter species that inhabits the area.

The 45 km trail stretches along the magnificent coastline of Storms River Mouth to Natures Valley and allows hikers to experience breathtaking views, white sand beaches and dramatic cliffs. 

Truly, this is one of South Africa’s most beautiful trails but it is a challenge and fortunate for us, Darren is not backing out. 

As someone that enjoys alone time to self-reflect, Darren will have plenty of time to reflect as the hike will take four days to complete. He’d taken tips from those who’ve done it and listened to his gran too.

One of these tips is to pack no more than a quarter your body weight. But with your pack at its heaviest on the first day, Darren’s legs were feeling the heat as rock hopping became a serious balancing act.

Another tip for hiking trails like this one is to get yourself a decent sized walking stick to help you when going up slopes. Darren named his George

One of Darren’s highlights of the trail is the waterfalls, where he took on another challenge of cliff jumping into the cool rock pools, and when you’re hot from an intense hike, this truly is a treat.

There are eighty kilometres of protected beach, forest and coast along here and Darren had only seen half.

If it’s for adventure, beauty, joy, challenge or you have something you really need to walk your way through, try the trail. And to the Tsitsikamma National Park team who keep it this way, thank you.

If you would like to do the Otter Trail, book a trip with SanParks Tourism at www.sanparks.org


What does ‘living better’ mean to you?

Living better is having the ability to work on your own time and having the flexibility to move and work from every corner of the world, while remaining healthy and financially stable. Lastly, living better is enjoying nature and the beautiful views that we have in South Africa and around the world.

What legacy would you like to leave behind?

I would like to be remembered as the person that always gave back to the community and friends. The person that everyone can turn to and ask for anything and know they can rely on him.

What 2 valuable lessons / pieces of advice would you like to share with South Africa?

South Africa is a country of struggle with beauty. Despite all the negative things we hear around us, one should escape the city life every now and then and enjoy the wildlife and nature. It is great for your mind and health to escape and spend a few days or week with nature and disconnect from the world.

Where do you go to escape and connect with yourself?

I enjoy alone time to self-reflect. I either walk along the beach, jog on the treadmill or find a sauna and think about where I am and where I want to be.

Do you have an encouraging word for us, to end off on?

“When you truly want something and go after it without limiting yourself with disbelief, then the universe/Lord will make it happen.”





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