Ever had a burning desire for an ice-cream on the beach and been left unsatisfied because you didn’t have cash on hand? Thanks to Capitec’s super simple Pay Me service you’ll never have that problem again.

A leisure break is in order for the team who ensure Capitec keeps driving change by improving customer user experience as South Africa’s best digital bank. Fresh from the launch of Pay Me, a service which transforms how easily small to medium-sized cash based transactions can be done, some of their bright sparks took a day off at Clifton.

Life is after all about balance and what could be better than a day of sun, fun and beach picnic vibes to celebrate a collective achievement and to recharge after the successful launch of yet another way Capitec has improved banking for everyday use.

It’s there that we meet Clifton’s longstanding ice-cream vendor, Edward Koen, who has a passion for words and putting a smile on his customer’s faces. 

Edward earns a living selling cold water, soft drinks and ice lollies where there is high demand for his product, especially during holidays and the heat of summer. His challenge however, is often the lack of cash on hand when his clients need it. 

Thanks to continued innovation and digital developments, Capitec has provided a solution. 

“There are a lot of people that don’t carry enough cash to pay, but I heard about Capitec’s facility and it’s the best way for my customers to pay. With Pay Me, the money goes directly into my account and there’s no problems,” shares Edward.

David Bulmer, Product Head of Digital Commerce at Capitec explains how it works. “Pay Me is a person-to-person payment solution launched recently by Capitec. It allows our clients to pay each other simply, securely and for free from Capitec to Capitec using our banking application. You generate your own personal QR code and then show that to somebody that wants to pay you. They then use our scan to pay feature that we launched last year, and that enables them to make a payment instantaneously and the money is in your account.”

Using Pay Me reduces the cost and inconvenience of paying someone in cash. It also reduces the risk of entering the wrong account details or cellphone number when making payments.

Clients can activate Pay Me by logging into their Capitec banking app. Tap on Transact and then tap on the Pay Me options which will guide you through the simple steps to use it. 

“At the end of that process you’re able to create your own personal QR code on the app. You simply download that to your photos gallery and show that to the person that needs to make a payment,” adds David. 

The feature is for all walks of life, whether you’re a car guard, taxi driver or a regular Capitec client that wants to transact and make a payment. It’s available for free to all Capitec clients who have the banking app or WhatsApp chat banking. To find out more simply click here.


Use Pay Me and stand a chance to win every week during December. Capitec will draw one lucky winner of R20,000 and it could be you. To enter, use Pay Me on your Capitec banking app to receive payments 3 times or more a week and you’ll automatically go into that week’s lucky draw. The competition runs from 1-31 Dec 2021. Ts&Cs apply and can be found here