We discover how Cindy Roseveare’s love of wool turned into a fledgling business that now offers a wide range of delicate, plush cushions.

Cotton Tree Cushions began as a form of therapy in 2012.

“I taught myself to knit and crochet as really a mindful exercise and that turned into a much-loved hobby and eventually evolved into a small business,” says Cindy Roseveare, Founder and Owner of Cotton Tree Cushions.

There was a part of Cindy that was yearning to be creative and after a lot of hard work and positive feedback, she realised that she could be creative and still earn an income.

From that, Cotton Tree Cushions was born and formally established in 2017.

As a small business owner, Cindy is passionate about ensuring local artisanal quality in her creations.

The name of the brand comes from the yarn they work with which is 100% cotton and locally handy dyed, and the tree symbolises the roots and growth of the women behind Cotton Tree Cushions.

The process of making the cushions begins with sketching before the cushions are taken over to the skill team for embroidery. The cushions are then fixed with a backing and zip before coming back to the studio where they undergo quality control.

Many of the inspiration of the cushions comes from Africa and representation of Africa, from its animals to its cultures, and includes designs that are inspired by Zulu and Ndebele patterns.

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