The Insider SA has the pleasure of hanging out with one of Mzansi’s biggest names in beauty vlogging, Mihlali Ndamase.

First entering the industry 5 years ago, Mihlali Ndamase is a beauty vlogger and fashionista who has been making waves locally and internationally. With well over a million followers on Instagram, she features on the global Instagram Rich List. We caught up with Mihlali at the gorgeous guest house in Franschhoek.

“My love for makeup started when I was still in primary school. I used to steal my mother’s makeup and would wear red lipstick to camp, I think at the time I was like 10-years-old,” says the content creator & Co-founder of Siyasizana Foundation.

The influencer shares that is was however in high school that she discovered the online beauty community which ultimately amplified her love for beauty and saw her launch her vlogging career and YouTube Channel.

It’s taken Mihlali time and hard work to create and maintain an online presence, which includes having over three hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube.

“Connecting with young girls in South Africa is very important to me. I feel like it’s something that I do everyday through my content and it’s very important because I’m sending out a message to them that through my life and through my journey in beauty, that whoever is inspired by it and aspires to be at this point or even further one day, that it is possible.” 

La Clé Des Montagnes is the exquisite venue that Mihlali has the pleasure of staying at in the Western Cape Winelands. Steeped in French Hugenot history and spread across two working farms, this French-accented retreat has a working vineyard, orchards and lavender-flecked gardens, a tennis court, helipad and offers four exclusive-use villas and five distinctly styled suites.

“I absolutely love this farmhouse. I think it’s so beautiful. I appreciate places with antique and vintage vibes. I feel like it really gives you a home feel and is very cosy. I should also mention that the view is spectacular,” shares Mihlali who next enjoys a pescatarian-friendly lunch next to the pool. Consisting of locally farmed trout, Aglio Olio e, and green salad specially prepared by general manager and chef Melanie Sheppard.

“This is what it’s all about for me, traveling, experiencing beautiful places, having fresh trout as well as a lovely pasta.”    

In this moment in time, set out here in these breathtaking vineyards, contemporary beauty meets classic elegance. Such a fitting environment for a star like Mihlali Ndamase who continues to grow her personal brand at an international level.