Take a trip to Hoyo Hoyo in the Kruger National Park with award-winning actress Brenda Ngxoli and her partner Sam.

Our next adventure takes us to the Kruger National Park’s Hoyo Hoyo private lodge, where we were greeted with a very warm Tsonga welcome by Lodge Manager Mafiri Harold Mauwane. 

Located on one of the first private concessions in the area, privacy and luxury with unrivaled safari experiences abounds.

Tsonga tradition features strongly throughout Hoyo Hoyo’s comfortable suites; the warm glow of brightly coloured walls, traditional locally produced ornaments, and embellishments on lamps, door handles and mirrors bringing the local culture to life.  

Offering a relaxing African ambiance on 10 000 hectares, this was the perfect place to bring award-winning actress Brenda Ngxoli and partner Samphiwe Sitengile. 

Brenda has a deep appreciation for culture, heritage and the diversity of South Africa so the lodge’s tribute to Tsonga culture was not lost on her. 

“I’m always intrigued by tradition, culture, religion and anything that promotes the religion of love really. I sense that kind of energy, starting from the animals to the people in this place. It’s absolutely amazing,” says the star. 

“When it comes to my Xhosa culture, I value it. I cherish it and would say I’m eager to move it forward to the next level, so seeing things like this, seeing other cultures, is pretty amazing,” adds Samphiwe.

A quick look inside the rooms to unpack and see where they’d be sleeping before heading out to explore the activities on offer has Brenda and Sam excited about the traditional meets western architecture.

No trip to the Kruger is complete without a game drive so soon after the two experience the spectacular landscape and home to Africa’s Big 5 with field guide Andrew Malpanye.

“It’s so cool to experience wildlife like this. These giraffes are literally less than 10 metres away. A lot of the time we watch wildlife shows and that’s how we get to experience it but this here is  special – magical,” exclaims Brenda.  

A peaceful start to the next day gave Brenda the chance to reflect on the long road she’s walked to be where she is today.

“Life hasn’t always been glitz and glamour, and red carpets. I have had my fair share of the ups and downs of life. My mother is a domestic worker, so I was raised as a domestic worker’s daughter in Muizenberg, but I was always a product of the migrant labour system which meant that home was the Eastern Cape. Which meant that I am a product of the villages,” reveals the actress. 

The quiet escape to the bush was the perfect opportunity to get to know Brenda better, and reflect on what’s most valuable in life. 

“I’ve got lots of fans, and would like to say that I’ve traveled and been exposed to quite a lot, but I think what I’m most proud of is realising that internal peace costs nothing. When you’re out here, you realise that all you need to do is just learn the art of living and find peace and happiness,” shares Brenda of her outlook. 

Something tells us that this time to marvel at nature, contemplate life, and stargaze in the majestic Kruger National Park has been the perfect way for these two achievers to relax and unwind before returning to their busy city lives. An experience we hope they carry for a long time to come.