We celebrate friendship with actress Natasha Thahane who escaped to Fusion Boutique Hotel with friends Thandy Matlaila and Rosemary Zimu.

Natasha Thahane is an accomplished actor and producer, as well as an ambassador for a leading French cosmetics company. We joined her escape with friends and fellow actresses Thandy Matlaila and Rosemary Zimu at Fusion Boutique Hotel, one of Polokwane’s most happening hotels. 

“I’ve known Thandy and Rosemary for some time and they are just amazing”, says Natasha. “We’ve grown spiritually, emotionally and professionally together. We’re all in different seasons so we are growing separately, but not apart. It’s very difficult to come across amazing, and genuine people in this business, and that’s why I appreciate their friendship and their love.”

Anything is possible when you have the right people in your corner to support you, and those bonds are exactly what The Insider SA celebrated that bond with the three dynamic women who have built a friendship that encourages and supports each other throughout their acting career. One they in turn celebrated with mouth watering food, glorious massage treatments and quality time in their opulent surroundings. 

Rosemary Nimu shares, “my friendship with Natasha is special. We became very close and have supported each other in every single thing that happens around us”. Making this girl’s getaway the perfect opportunity for an uninterrupted catch-up where all three could just enjoy the moment together. 

“I’m literally like her [Natasha’s] big sister”, says Thandy Matlaila. “We’ve got a very respectful friendship where we call each other for advice, for prayers and to just check up on how each person is doing”.

In closing Natasha shares that taking time off to breath, and reflect emotionally, spiritually and professionally on things is very important for her. Some of her self care activities include “spending time with loved ones”, and outdoor adventures, “I enjoy quad biking and things like that”. 

Fusion Boutique Hotel: Limpopo’s best kept secret

Actresses Natasha Thabane, Thandy Matlaila and Rosemary Zimu enjoyed a girlfriends escape at Fusion Boutique Hotel, an award-winning hotel in the heart of Polokwane, Limpopo.

The hotel offers a superior five-star experience that is characterised by personalised attention, fine dining experiences and plush interiors. 

We spent some one-on-one time with Fusion Boutique Hotel Designer, Owner & Managing Director Maria Du Plessis, to find out more about her take on “living better”, and her design process for the project. 

How does ‘living better’ influence your design process / how does your work inspire living better?

“I have tried never to design according to accepted rules, patterns or trends. Everything in Fusion is unique and different and this is what makes it so special. The one thing all our designs have in common is a feeling of absolute luxury and over the top drama and excessiveness and I believe this is why guests return.”

What legacy would you like your business to leave behind? 

I have travelled the world and have had the privilege to stay in a lot of very nice hotels but I  specifically remember a hotel in Zagreb that was 120 years old that remains one of the most beautiful classic hotels I have stayed in. I would like Fusion to be like that 100 years from now where people can experience the same level of high service in a stunning environment over and over again.” 

What lessons can you share with South Africa?

“To do interior design that is beautiful is easy but I have learnt that it is equally important to apply a balance of practicality and comfort. One still needs to feel that you can put up your feet and live in a designed space.” 

How does your work incorporate or lead the conversation around sustainability?

“I understand that sustainability is important and therefore we take care when deciding on building and design products. We do also implement a lot of sustainability processes in the operational running of our hotels. That said, it’s a fine balancing act, as some of these processes or products might be outrageously expensive or not as effective. We take care when choosing solutions, to opt for sustainable products that work and are worth it.” 

What professional or design challenges have shaped the finished outcome of your product / business? 

“Specifically with Fusion – as this was our first hotel project – we paid so much school fees after the project was completed. I for one, realised that I did not pay enough attention to what was practically needed behind the scenes such as the size of the kitchen and storage areas that the guests don’t see. Now when I design I try to balance practicality and aesthetics by trying to ensure that the products that I use are maintainable and durable in the long run but still beautiful and unique.”

Are there any last comments / thoughts you’d like to add?

“I am very sentimental about Fusion as it was my first design project. I still, after 12 years, walk through the hotel and think – wow this place is gorgeous and there is no other place like it! It is my wish and hope that this is what every guest experiences when they visit us.”