Durban’s DJ Hlo, the first woman producer to win Song of The Year, with her crossover hit ‘Isibani’.

When Hlosiwe Mthalane aka DJ Hlo won Song of the Year on a radio station with an audience of over seven million people, she was the first woman to do it, and to pave the way for others.

“Being the very first female to win the Song of the Year crossover it means so so much. It’s history that’s been made… I’ve been in the industry for about three years now and already I’ve accomplished such a big thing, so I’m really looking forward to the future and giving back,” shares Hlosiwe.

She’s actually in the process of establishing her own foundation to teach young females how to DJ, the ins-and-outs of the industry and how to navigate some of the challenges they may face in the male dominated industry.  

Hlo has wisely been diversifying and investing in another field she has flair for. Situating her beauty salon The Palace on the well known Yusuf Dadoo strip in Durban’s CBD is evidence of her business smarts.

“Fashion, grooming and self care as a whole is a very important part of my career and who I am… Hence establishing a hair and beauty salon as it goes hand-in-hand with image, which is a very important part of DJing,” explains the business woman.

Not only is she a natural communicator and unafraid of failure, Hlo has very big dreams in the entrepreneurial space as well as in music. All of which we are excited to see her tackle head-on and achieve.

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