Feel the adrenaline rush with METRO FM’s DJ p.H as he (quite literally) jumps into Mpumalanga’s top adventure activities at Graskop Gorge and Long Tom Toboggan.

For a taste of adventure, we join METRO FM’s award-winning radio host, DJ p.H for the best thrills Mpumalanga has to offer: a toboggan down the mountain, a view from the top, a freefall into a gorge, and a zipline above the treetops.

DJ p.H is known for rocking the world’s most reputable stages and radio shows across Africa, America and Europe. And, on a Saturday afternoon, he keeps things fresh on his show, Cruise Control. p.H shares what he enjoys best abut radio saying, “The joy of my show is that I get to take people from one place to another. You could be down-spirited and the music on the show can just take you to another place. I think that’s one of the many beauties: being able to change moods through music and what you say on the mic.”

p.H’s work has earned him two SA Hip Hop ‘DJ of the Year’ Awards in a row, proving him to be one of the country’s finest entertainers who always captures audiences with his signature mashup sets and energetic stage presence.

Now, he’ll be stepping away from the mic and out of his comfort zone. First up for p.H is tobogganing down Misty Mountain – Africa’s longest toboggan run.

As the first of its kind in South Africa, Long Tom Toboggan follows a 1,7km steel monorail track through previously untouched landscape of the Natural Heritage Site, Misty Mountain. Owners, James and Lisa Sheard, took over two years to complete the structure ensuring that there was minimal disturbance to the surrounding environment. Because of this, guests can experience the raw, natural beauty during their three-minute scenic ride.

Nervously facing his first toboggan ride, p.H laughs, “Am I adventurous? That’s relative. But I’m excited nonetheless. I’m looking forward to some speed!”

Strapped in and ready to go, p.H whizzes down the twisting mountain. Much to his surprise, the toboggan can reach a speed of up to 45km an hour – a daunting revelation when facing a steep downhill!

p.H stops for a time of reflection at God’s Window – a panoramic lookout on the Drakensberg escarpment in Mpumalanga. This magnificent view of canyons, lush indigenous forest, ancient rock formations, and waterfalls have inspired thousands of artists – now including p.H himself.

After taking in the beauty of nature, p.H makes his way to Graskop Gorge where he plans to tick off everyone’s number one bucket list activity: The Big Swing. As the highest cable gorge swing in the world, Graskop’s Big Swing allows thrill-seekers like p.H to safely drop 68m into the gorge below at 140km an hour in under three seconds.

He reflects, “I think doing something for the first time is always daunting – like when I started radio at 5FM. I think I was as nervous as I am now! My growth between starting at 5FM and now being on METRO has been amazing. I’m so grateful for where I am now.”

While p.H’s legs start to feel like jelly, he assures us, “I’m here to tackle my fears!” Luckily, p.H’s confidence from a decade-long career in radio helped him brave the jitters.

Once safe and secure, p.H gears up to take the freefall. After the plunge, he enjoys a swing back and forth amongst the natural beauty that surrounds him. It’s safe to say that this leap of faith is only for the brave of heart.

To enjoy more of what Graskop has to offer, p.H then zip lines across the treetop canopies and above the gorge by zipline. From above, he has the best views of the waterfalls and canopies below.

With a new perspective from above, DJ p.H looks forward to 2021 and constantly remains optimistic. With plans for TV, new ideas and innovations for music, and some more local travel in store, the new year is looking up for this DJ. p.H concludes, “When the world opens up, I look forward to travelling again, but after what I experienced today, I’m definitely going to hit South Africa first more than anything else.”