Two women making the good life in Durban highly entertaining are reality TV stars Mabusi Seme and JoJo Robinson. Mabusi, a self-made businesswoman and JoJo, the artist who’s remade her life – both joined us for a day of fun.

Although originally from Johannesburg, Jojo prides herself in being a Durbanite at heart. For an artist painting vast abstract pieces, the canvas JoJo is best known for is her body.

This week, we joined her as she treated herself to a beauty treatment at Umhlanga Laser and Aesthetic Clinic. This is second nature to Mabusi who has built a business empire on treatments like these.

The duo decided to enjoy a day of fun and the next stop on their list was The Pottery. 

Located in the Ballito Lifestyle Centre, lies The Pottery, an alfresco-style café and pottery store offering guests a truly unique shopping experience. 

“The Pottery is a place where people come together… and allow themselves to get creative,” explains Tatum-Lee Bakos, manager at The Pottery, “this is a space to just explore.”

Their cafe offers a range of specialty coffees, blended smoothies and fruit-filled smoothie bowls as well as pressed juices and decadent milkshakes. 

As the lovely leading ladies sat down to get creative, they spoke to us a bit more about their friendship.

“We’ve had a rollercoaster ride of a friendship, we’ve had our ups and downs but at the end of the day, we’ve always managed to come back together,” says Jojo.

While Mabusi loved drawing at high school, it’s JoJo who picked up the brush later in life.

“I got into [art] when I was going through a bad patch in my life, the tattoos became a way for me to cover up the old Jo and then naturally it moved to me becoming an artist.”

From a young age, Mabusi has always been ambitious, a quality her mom instilled in her so that she could learn to be independent. Today, that quality has helped her become a successful businesswoman.

While Mabusi would normally meditate or read the Bible to chill out, JoJo is the adventure-seeking kind, always up for something fresh. Painting at The Pottery was a way for the two to meet in the middle.

It’s these kind of fire meets ice relationships between central characters which form the lifeblood of the freshest shows and long may the two of them continue to blow hot and cold.

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