Explore the Southernmost tip of Africa with 22-year-old entrepreneur and Capitec client, Taun Visser.

If you have an appetite for the different, new, unexplored and extraordinary then one way to indulge that taste while making a living from it, is to take a page out of intrepid young entrepreneur Taun Visser’s book. 

The 22 year-old PalmTreeKid Productions founder is a filmmaker who may not have followed the conventional academic or career path, but has certainly found something that he’s both passionate about and dedicated to. So much so, that he has put in the time and effort into mastering his craft, making his business a success and finding his niche.  

Massimo and Tracy outside of their establishment which was named one of the Best Pizzeria in Africa by 50 Top Pizza.

“When you are finding inspiration from your peers, try not to copy what they’re doing. Rather find inspiration from it and take bits from it to add into your own style. That way you will build up a niche or build up something that is your own true brand and your own authenticity,” comments Taun. 

Taun has worked on some epic projects with well-known brands like Land Rover, Coca Cola, Rocking the Daisies, Spur, Plett Rage and Mr Price to name just a few. 

As a filmmaker and owner of his own business, he juggles lots of roles – from marketing, conceptualising, shooting and editing along with all the typical admin tasks needed to run a smooth ship. That extends to time away too, as his laptop is never far off, enabling him to put in editing sessions as and when needed. 

“Time consuming things like banking are really inconvenient, such as going to the bank and waiting in the line. It’s so much time of your day wasted, when you could just be out and about doing what you’re doing. With the Capitec app, I can literally whip out my phone right now, sign up and get myself all logged in and ready to go – without having to go into the bank,” he shares.

“Even here, while at the most Southernmost tip of Africa, I can whip out my phone and open up an account,” adds Taun before demonstrating the simplicity of doing just that in four easy steps which had him downloading the banking app, take a selfie, enter his SA ID number and request delivery of his card – in a matter of only a few minutes. 

Taun and girlfriend Amy McConnell’s adventurous spirits has them visiting new places every chance they get. This time round it’s at Cape Agulhas – where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet. 

If we only stick to highways we miss the hundreds of historic, small towns and weekend escapes like L’Agulhas. Known as the ‘Cape of Needles’ for its rocky coast. 

Agulhas National Park’s Rest Camp thankfully offers softer landings. Designed to meet high environmental standards and according to the ‘touch-the-earth-lightly’ principles by which, inter alia, development was limited to disturbed sites. 

Because so much trade once sailed past here, with the rocky coastline wrecking a hundred and fifty ships, a lighthouse had to be built – and Taun was keen to capture the story.

The history of Cape Agulhas Lighthouse, the third built lighthouse in Africa and second built in South Africa, dates back almost 200 years. 

To wrap up the day, Taun and Amy opted to face fears and go on a highly favoured horse ride along the wild beaches of Struisbaai where for twenty two years John Dave Horse Rides have rescued horses and run riding adventures from here.

For someone who grew up in the land-locked farming town of Porterville, beaches and oceans are playing an increasing role in Taun’s career.


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