Designer Dylan Thomaz reminds us of the significance of the story behind the pieces we choose, so our homes can reflect where we are and how we plan to reinvent our future.

Dylan Thomaz is an independent curator that has years of experience in the retail, interior design and marketing industries. He was formally trained in interior design and runs a renowned interior design firm that specialises in timeless sophistication across all design platforms. With the philosophy that our homes should tell the story of our inspiration, Dylan brought his story to life by re-inventing his apartment to suit his character and personality.

“When I bought this space four years ago, it was completely different. It had standard tiles, a horrible kitchen and very yellow walls so I started with a brand new canvas.”

Learning how to interpret a client’s dream from their taste is a skill Dylan has mastered but designing one’s own space is an exercise in authenticity and being true to the things that inspire you most. We get a feel for what inspired Dylan’s space.

“I transformed the floors with beautiful marble-look tiles, a choice that works well for dog owners because it camouflages their hair on the floors.”

Having limited space in the kitchen, Dylan chose to go with an island, instead of a dining room table. “The heart of my home is the kitchen so an island felt like a far better place to have fantastic conversations and share memories around that space. I intentionally placed the stove where it is so that I could look out the window and appreciate the beautiful view of Chapman’s Peak while cooking and interacting with my guests.”

Opting for a bold light fixture for the space, Dylan explains that overscaling is the use of bigger pieces of furniture in a smaller space to make it feel bigger. In this case it was a light fixture. “I wanted quite a big feature because the space is so small. The light in its current position brings the space together and adds a bit of masculinity through the black detail.” He adds, “What’s lovely is that all of it can dim down, and you can now see the filament of the bulb which I think is really sophisticated and timeless.”

Texture is another important aspect to consider according to Dylan. “For me texture is integrity. It creates a story… I think the more textures you mix together, the stronger the statement becomes and the longer it lives because of the authenticity of the textures.”

Dylan’s favourite place in the whole apartment to relax in the afternoon is his textured Chesterfield Armchair. For him, it’s not only super comfy and iconic, but has a wonderful story. “You can see how beautifully it’s aged over the years. I haven’t treated it so it has sun marks, water marks and the texture that I feel the space requires. It has history and just makes me happy.”

It was really important for Dylan to create a serene and calm space in his bedroom that was sophisticated and plush. “I really think I achieved that here with the different layers and fabrics, and textures from the different elements like metal, glass and woods.”

He converted his second bedroom into a home office that’s curated around a bold desk. “I created a defining space with a desk that I love and greenery, so that when I’m sitting here I see this greenery with a pop of colour. It makes me feel great and incorporates that sense of life into a space which I think is really important.”

He recently released a new furniture range that speaks to his philosophy of ‘good design being accessible to everybody’.

“This is one of the coffee tables that mixes concrete and glass together in a new and exciting way. Concrete will always be the base, and other materials will be added on to make it feel sophisticated and timeless. It’s offered at a very good price point because good design should be available to everyone.”

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