Sandalene Dale-Roberts and her team at Naturalis have produced acclaimed and innovative designs for a wide range of seating and furniture models seen throughout South Africa.

For Sandalene Dale-Roberts and her business Naturalis, an illustrious career producing sought-after furniture happened on a whim. 

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was going to make furniture”, says Sandalene. “I was a fashion designer – fabrics are my absolute passion – and then Luke (Dale-Roberts, of the Pot Luck Club), my husband, opened another restaurant, and I was so tired of spending so much money on chairs; so I said please, let me make a chair! And that’s how it started – I made the chairs for the Potluck Club and things just evolved from there!”

Fast forward to today, and Sandalene taken her eye for design and, with her business Naturalis, crafts furniture that she describes as unusual and interesting, functional, locally made, but above all, stylish.

Sandalene is passionate about her factory team, who are capable of producing literally hundreds of different designs from chairs and tables to auditorium seating, using a wide range of materials – steel, leather, wood, fabric – in an even wider range of colours. Sandalene emphasises that happiness is integral to the Naturalis environment – and is even evident in the logo her son drew for the business; a smiling face.

“All our materials are natural, and we strive for everyone to be happy while we’re making them – so it can transfer into the work”, says Sandalene. Each member of the Naturalis team specialises in their discipline – whether it be leathercraft, metalwork, or designing intricate patterns or bold colours.

Naturalis now produces furniture for restaurants, offices, schools and universities – and has designed a contingent of chairs with varied designs intended to suit a variety of spaces. Today, Naturalis empowers its customers to make up any style of chair or table design they can think of.

Instead of simply selecting a design or style for print, Naturalis customers can customise their chair as they like; and can select the style of furniture they require, choose their own fabric print and colours, select a choice of leather or hide, and lastly tailor the colour of the metal powder coating to their desire.

What this amounts to is a designer product which is utterly unique and can serve in a number of different environments; Sandalene and her team have divided their product range in categories, intended for bespoke settings, restaurants, schools, stadiums and auditoriums.

You’ll likely see Naturalis’ works throughout many of South Africa’s most acclaimed eateries – with bespoke furniture found in venues such as The Test Kitchen, The Potluck Club, Nando’s, and in auditoriums and stadiums throughout the country.