We meet floral designer Silindile Ngono who’s business Enhle Flora makes giving gifts gorgeous with beautifully boxed floral arrangements.

Silindile Ngono’s eye for decor and floral arrangements have made her business a roaring success, with her authenticity fully on display.

For Silindile, flowers have always been an extension of her personality.

“I’ve always liked beautiful things, designing stuff and when I quite corporate, I started doing small functions at church. Accidentally, this business was born,” she shares.

A couple at her church were getting married, and the loved-up pair asked Silindile to do their arrangements.

“From that day, I realised that actually, this could be a business. After I had the pictures from that function, then I decided this could work and I named it Enhle Flora,” she explains.

The gifting company was named after her first born daughter, and means anything beautiful which the business certainly delivers on. Enhle Flora does bespoke gifting with tailored made packages based on the occasion and client requests.

“I’ve got a serious love relationship with flowers, I could do this free of charge. I really really love them,” she shares.

Silindile shares that she purchases her flowers from an auction every morning, and the additional flowers she may need she buys directly from agents.

Her love of flowers are deeply ingrained in both her life and work. Through her work, she derives great pleasure from connecting with the people she creates for and hearing their stories.