Meet Chef & Capitec Client, Thaludu Mngadi, who persevered and now celebrates her business bouncing back after covid.

Success is defined not only by achievements but also by how we overcome setbacks. After closing her first restaurant due to Covid, Durban-based chef, entrepreneur and Capitec client, Thaludu Mngadi, was determined to continue satisfying hungry customers with meals using the freshest ingredients.

Demand saw Thaludu relaunch her business from home with help from her daughter Maluti, but when orders reached 100 meals a day, it was time to find new premises. Fresh Food Daily is her catering company and restaurant in Windermere.

“We opened this restaurant this year March. We were actually looking for a kitchen to do our catering when we cater for events and we landed this beautiful spot on Florida Road. Now our customers can actually come through, sit down and enjoy their meals with us,” comments the chef.   

The ethos behind their business speaks precisely to their name – as they’re all about providing freshly cooked, wholesome meals for people to enjoy daily. 

The ingredients and good honest cooking tell the story of this brave woman’s life and business journey. Lessons which she, in turn, shares to enrich the lives of others.

“We offer both traditional and cosmopolitan cuisine so you’ll find your familiar traditional favourites as well as pastas, steaks and fish,” shares daughter and business partner Maluti Mngadi.  

Mom and daughter treated us to a traditional meal of tripe and steamed bread – for which you can find the recipe here.

When seeing the two in action in the restaurant, it’s clear that Maluti is proud of her mom. 

“My mother is an exceptional role model because she is so driven. She always makes sure that she one-ups herself and I’m very blessed to learn the things I’m learning about the business and culinary industry through such a personal connection,” comments Maluti. 

What keeps hungry clients returning?

“What sets their food apart is their menu. No other place in Durban offers traditional food in a beautiful setting like this that is also served in such a clean and upmarket setting,” says Phindile Zulu. 

Having learnt from past mistakes, customer satisfaction is everything to Fresh Food Daily. A sentiment they have in common with Capitec.

“We opened a Capitec account in 2020 during lockdown. We found that it was very easy to use and very affordable,” states Thaludu. 

As do many of her customers. 

“I get a lot of rewards for banking with Capitec and I find that the bank charges are good, you know. So, it’s the bank that I can relate to,” comments client Ndoduzo Zulu.

When asked about what drives her, Maluti shares that seeing the business grow, learning from their mistakes and seeing how they can keep reaching the next level is what gives her a zest for life. 

As for chef and girl boss Thaludu, having been in the entrepreneurial space for some time, she has a few pearls of wisdom to share, ”The best advice that I can give to other women out there is to have a spirit of not giving up. Persevere. If you’re interested in starting up a business, do your research and go for it.”

Valuable insight from two remarkable women demonstrating their unique zest for life.


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