DJ Tira and his wife Gugu Khati find Afrotainment is the beating heart of Africa’s biggest day at the Durban July.

What we all imagine as the unique daily life of DJ Tira, is one we get to live one weekend a year – when Kwa-Zulu Natal’s biggest party comes to town. The famous horse race is synonymous with local hero Tira as he is usually the one who sets the tempo for it.

Where else to start a day in the life of Tira but at his home, located in one of Durban’s most prominent neighborhoods.

DJ Tira welcomes us to his home

He warmly welcomed us to his personal space and talked us through his choice of suit for the occasion – a collaborative effort of his wife and stylist Gugu Khati and House of Ole

The stylish suit planned for the occasion was made of silk and oozed opulence. Certainly a fitting selection for the entertainer hosting one of the hottest marquees at the event where his exclusive guests got to experience an in-person gathering in an intimate and vibey setting at the races.

No surprise that Tira arrived in one of the coolest ways, via air, a sure sign the party had started and the smoothest beats were about to drop. 

The fine weather, music and food made it the perfect occasion for the who’s-who of Southern Africa who were naturally all primed to perfection.  

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Afrotainment hosting a marquee at Durban July, and for 2022 the Capitec Brand Ambassador incorporated a Capitec Live Better Lounge into the space. 

Paisley Picnics Founder Sujay Harie

No smoother scene had been set than by event coordinator and owner of Paisley Picnics, Sujay Harie.

“For Capitec’s Lounge I wanted guests to feel nice and comfortable, and almost at home. So I brought in a lot of carpets, lots of flowers and a lot of cushions.”

Sujay tastefully kept the lounge on brand by artfully blending decor and accessories in the bank’s corporate colours with subtle hints of red, white and blue. 

Meeting South Africa where she lives, works and plays was the privilege of Capitec’s Skhonziwe Dzanibe.  

“We are here to share the moment with our clients. We like to see how they move, the type of spaces that they spend their time in and to observe what our clients are doing.”

“The Capitec payment method that I’ve been using at The July is of course Scan to Pay. Come on, look at my suit. I can’t be carrying cash guys… Scan to Pay is the way,” comments Tira.

Somizi is all for living better

Like the DJ, Somizi is all for living better and it’s the simple freedom of being with people that he finds so special.

“What makes this Durban July special is that it has been absent for two years, and in those two years people have gone through so much. It’s been dark. It’s been gloomy. It’s been hopeless and it’s been sad. Today is like a coming-out and a celebration of life,” comments the media personality. 

Somizi adds, “It’s so important that we appreciate each and every moment and that we are grateful for life.”

We couldn’t agree more with him. What a pleasure it is to move, breathe, pose, dance, party and live free, just for the glorious enjoyment of it. 


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