Discover why Capitec Bank is collaborating with incredible female artists to reimagine what the Rand could look like with women represented.

Staying true to their mission to drive change, Capitec has partnered with three female artists, Anja ‘Nanna’ Venter, Rendani Nemakhavhani (aka PR$DNT HONEY), and Zanele Montle to re-imagine the Rand and tell the stories of various prolific South African women who deserve to be featured on South Africa’s currency.

Chandré Matlala, Communications & PR Specialist at Capitec, fills us in on the details, “Our team came together for Women’s Month and after some research found that only around 9% of the world’s currency features women. At Capitec, we want to change that. Capitec has 16 million clients, more than 52% of them are women. We want to celebrate them and raise awareness in a way that aligns with what we do.”

She adds, “Representation is important, what we choose to represent on our currency reflects what we value. We have so many prolific women in this country that deserve a seat of honour for their achievements, women who should not be forgotten or disappear from our history.”

Chandré Matlala, Communications & PR Specialist at Capitec.

The first piece of artwork completed is by artist Anja ‘Nanna’ Venter and features the 4 prolific women who led the march to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956 – namely Lilian Ngoyi, Sophia Williams DeBruyn, Rahima Moosa and Helen Joseph. The title of the anthem made popular on the momentous day in South African history, Wathint’ Abafazi, Wathint’ Imbokodo, meaning ‘You strike a woman, you strike a rock’, features prominently on the design alongside the she-heroes.

“We are incredibly proud of how Anja took this and made it her own, and how she took an iconic moment in our history and brought it to the forefront today,” says Chandré.

Cape Town based Dr Anja Venter is a postdoctoral fellow at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and self-proclaimed “Art-stronaut” who is fascinated by the intersection of art, culture and technology.

“Capitec reached out to me to find out if I wanted to participate in this Women’s Day initiative, and it’s an immense honour and privilege to be the first person out of the door. Also, because I’m in such wonderful company. I admire the other two artists greatly,” says the illustrator and believer that this type of representation really matters.

Artist Anja 'Nanna' Venter.

The artwork is in keeping with Anja’s comic book style which amplifies Lilian, Sophia, Rahima and Helen’s superheroes status.

“If we can achieve this goal, it will mean a tremendous amount to children in this country that need to see heroes that aren’t men,” explains Anja.

Capitec has opened up the conversation to all of South Africa and is asking for input on which prolific women to feature on the country’s currency. Lend your support and join the conversation using #ReimagineTheRandSA. Reply with your suggestions on one of these Capitec posts featuring Anja’s artwork on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and share which woman you think should be featured on South African currency. Who knows, the woman you suggest could potentially be featured on the next artwork.