Experience the power and benefits of Vodacom RED with fashion designer extraordinaire Gert-Johan Coetzee as he creates content with SA’s TikTok’s It Girls.

Noted couturier Gert-Johan Coetzee has dressed some of the biggest names across the globe and his creations have won the best-dressed title at the South African Music Awards, SA Film And Television Awards, the J&B Met and Miss World.


We peek into the daily life of the renowned designer to find out what is empowering him to unlock more and run his acclaimed atelier from home.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how I do business. We were all about events and parties, cocktails and just always being stunning and fabulous,” reflects Gert-Johan.

“But now we’re all at home and we’re social-distancing and I had to put my creativity into second gear and think about other ways to make money. Ask myself what else is possible and how are we all going to survive?”

Gert-Johan has creatively shifted focus, developing a collection of garments perfectly suited for the working-from-home fashionista. Being a Vodacom RED VIP client has given the fashion guru the tools to create and expand from his home office.

“The best part about Vodacom RED VIP is that your life never has to stop,” shares the fashion fundi.

“You can book flights, accommodation, browse your emails, set up a facetime with a client or a friend and all of that while I do my designs.”

Vodacom RED’s packages offer multi-sim capability across a variety of devices and has given Gert-Johan the ability to stay on top of his business, no matter where he is.

When asked about his current mood and aesthetic for this season, Gert-Johan shares, “I’m having a bit of a RED moment so I get so inspired by the different textures and the embellishment and the drama of it.”

Vodacom’s core colour is a deep inspiration to the designer who is a fan and friend of fellow Vodacom RED VIP client and fashionista Sarah Langa, having featured her bathed in red roses for his most recent perfume campaign.

“It was so much fun because we got about a thousand roses flown in from Ecuador and we were just packing it around Sarah,” shares Gert-Johan on the experience,

“It was just so sensational and abundant, that was one of the most elaborate photo shoots I’ve ever done,” he went on to say.

Making the most of his Vodacom RED VIP plan, Gert-Johan has joined forces with South Africa’s TikTok It Girls Witney Ramabulana and Sphokuhle Ntshalintshali to showcase his designs in a fun and accessible way.

Vodacom RED has an array of plans to choose from, offering the most affordable range of contracts to choose, including a selection of minutes, data, benefits, and rewards. This is a game-changer for someone like Gert-Johan, who creates from the comfort of his home…

“Now for me as a fashion designer, I want to always spice it up a bit and then bring some of my clothes into it and the beautiful model’s that are so gorgeous, where every time they come in, they hold the outfit and then they drop it,” explains the designer as he creates a TikTok with the It Girls.

“I think for me, Instagram is there, and it is so aesthetically beautiful, but I love the realness of TikTok and the people that have introduced me to it. And I just find the Tick-Tock audience is just so appreciative of beautiful fun videos like we did today.”

When asked about what’s next for the fashion trailblazer, Gert-Johan shares, “My new collection launches on the 10th of November. I have collaborated with a huge international brand, so I cannot wait to show you what we’re doing. It’s different. It’s unique, it’s exciting. It’s colourful.”

As a mover and shaker, Gert-Johan is always on the go, and ready to face new challenges. The Vodacom RED experience is always there to let him unlock more, do more, and be more.

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To purchase your own Gert-Johan Coetzee designer fashion items visit:  gertjohancoetzee.com