We explore the culture of the Mother City with Goodhope FM Drive Show Host Kyeezi.

Khanya Siyengo AKA Kyeezi AKA The Tall Wonder, is a multifaceted South African creative who exudes urban culture. This performer, radio and TV personality has grown up in a multitude of environments which have shaped the man he is today. 

A self-professed gypsy who has lived all over the place, Kyeezi shares that he lived in the USA for quite some time while his dad was studying, and this sparked his deep love for basketball and his passion for music. He was however born in the Eastern Cape and that his family originates from Cape Town – the city which he currently calls home. 

“I always felt that in Cape Town specifically there was a voice missing with regards to local musicians and I sort of took it upon myself to step into those shoes. To be the guy that provides music from South African musicians and international musicians, but to give it a bit of flavour… That brought me into commercial radio with Good Hope FM and MetroFM. I got to be the host of the biggest chart show in South Africa, and I currently host the biggest drive show in Cape Town, which is The Great Drive on Good Hope FM.”    

Kyeezi has been accoladed for exemplifying the best in urban culture, holding a position on a list that has sought to identify urbanists who are authentic and influencing culture in a positive way.   

“Being named one of the top 100 people of influence in urban culture was a huge privilege for me. I’m very passionate about music, I’m very passionate about street culture and I’m very passionate about my home city which is Cape Town, and what it has to offer the rest of the country, and the rest of the world to be honest,” says the radio man before expanding on the impact he sees urban and street culture having. 

“It is all about expression. Our creatives really are the people who pave the way for us, right down from your art to some of the creative ideas that we have, and definitely in Cape Town there are a whole lot of creatives who showcase their passion for street and urban life. So for me it’s a way of life, it’s not just a phase. It’s how you dress, it’s how you talk, it’s what you watch, it’s everything. It’s urban street culture. You know this!”

With his finger firmly on the pulse of culture, Kyeezi is clearly an urban icon in the making, and as such took great pleasure in spending the day with him in the Mother City to discover some of his favourite spots. 


What does ‘living better’ mean to you? 

“Living better for me is simply expressing yourself freely and truly enjoying the gems that life has to offer, you can’t place a price tag on experiencing life to the fullest. Taking a risk and seeing it through.”

What legacy would you like to leave behind?

“I live by the mantra, Greatness is something you practice everyday. We all should go out into the world and seek greatness and also unlock greatness within other people. If I can make others believe in this, I believe I’d have lived a life with a positive impact on the world in the time I’ve had here.”

What 2 valuable lessons / pieces of advice would you like to share with South Africa?

“If they can do it, so can we! Start with whatever it is you want to do, don’t wait for the perfect circumstances. Your imagination is a powerful tool, don’t be afraid to dream big and to go after those dreams with intent and purity. And lastly don’t give up or give in. Be Great, you have the right to!”

Where do you go to escape and connect with yourself?

“Honestly, I don’t get to do this enough but I go to where it all started for me… There’s a small coffee shop in Observatory Cape Town, it’s a quiet hidden gem. Some of my best ideas came from just sitting there and just being alone with my thoughts. Nothing fancy, nothing special, just simple.”

Do you have an encouraging quote for us, to end off on?

“Greatness should be a habit. Like any habit you practice it everyday. Be Great!”

Any last thoughts?

“It all starts with you 🤘🏽”