Spend the day at home with change-maker and doctor Nokukhanya Khanyile and find out about her work as a Vodacom RED VIP client and explore how she’s unlocking more from life.

Dr Nokukhanya Khanyile has made a name for herself as a change-maker and a mental health advocate online, utilising her platforms to empower her followers.

The Insider SA spent the day with the new mom to discover how Vodacom RED gives her the power to do more at home, work and online with her adoring fans and we learn how she integrates everything she needs to do, into her day.

What I love about my mornings is when hubby goes to work and before the baby wakes up I have a bit of alone time, so I love to open up my bible app so I can get my mind into the frame that I need to conquer my day,” shares Dr Khanyile excitedly.

Before logging onto Instagram to do her signature ‘Good morning’ post for her followers, the doctor showcases some of her favourite features of the Vodacom app.

“I’m able to check my balances and see how much data I have left, which is important because there is a lot of content that I have to shoot daily and some important calls that I need to make,” says the mental health warrior.

“But also when my family and friends can’t call me, I’m able to send them data so that they’ll always be able to connect with my family and my life,” she adds.

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designed to give you the freedom to choose a tailor-made package that suits your lifestyle, just like Dr Khanyile.

Currently working towards a specialisation in paediatrics, the medical officer is always on the go and needs to stay connected, made simple with her lighting fast 5G line courtesy of Vodacom RED’s VIP package.

“I connect with my patients by hotspotting myself from my laptop, using my phone. With the 100GB that I get, I’m able to make sure that I can get the information across, whether it’s on a Zoom call or online meetings, but most importantly IG Lives that I host via my Mental Matters platform.

Founded by Gugu Masondo, Mental Matters is a mental healthcare platform shedding light on mental illness, educating communities and empowering people through medicine. Dr Khanyile is currently the vice-president of the platform, actioning it to bring together mental healthcare practitioners and people living with mental illness to work together to destigmatise the issue.

“We host Instagram Lives to talk to professionals and anyone living with mental illness just to see how they get through their day, but also I’m able to show people practically how to make sure their mental health stays intact,” explains the doctor.

Thanks to her Vodacom RED VIP plan, Dr Khanyile is able to separate her work life from her family life, “I have this option of multi-SIM. I don’t always want people knowing my personal number, so it’s important for me to be able to connect with them, but have it separate, if I need to.“ 

Following a morning check-in with her mom, the spirited doctor hops onto Instagram to greet her ardent audience.

“Hey there, South Africa. It’s Dr Nokukhanya Khanyile here,” she fires away.

“We’ve been through such a tough time with Covid-19. I just want to ask that you take some time today to take care of yourself. Put yourself first. If you cannot pull from your own filled cup, how are you going to pour into other people’s cups?” she concludes snapping down her device.

For a social media innovator like Dr Khanyile, staying connected to her audience is of the utmost importance for affecting social change. And if her DM’s and inboxes are anything to go by, Vodacom RED is allowing her to do that and so much more.

Since having her little one, the new mom has added losing baby weight to her already jam-packed schedule. Luckily for her, Vodacom RED’s VIP plan has given her all the tools she needs to do just that.

“As part of my upgrade I received some goodies, one of which is the Apple watch. So now I’m able to keep track of all of my workouts,” explains Dr Khanyile as she hops onto a simulcast workout.

“The Vodacom RED Experience allows me to be on the go and do all the things I need to do,” she adds.

The busy doctor and new mom is truly doing it all! And being a part of the Vodacom RED VIP family is enabling the go-getter to be who she is and share her light with her adoring followers. 

We can’t wait to see the incredible change she’ll affect in future!