Leading banking and education pioneers Capitec and GetSmarter have teamed up to offer a Live Better Benefit on short courses offered by South African universities.

Capitec and GetSmarter are well-known names to South Africans as creative pioneers in their respective fields – and now, both companies have partnered in an exciting campaign that can help future change agents set themselves apart by empowering their education.

Capitec clients ready to embrace learning can qualify for a  R4000 saving on any GetSmarter course from a leading South African university simply by paying with their Capitec card.

“At GetSmarter, we’re committed to improving people’s lives through better education, and Capitec was clear about giving their clients benefits to live better, and that’s why we chose to partner”, says Ryan O’Mahoney, Chief Marketing Officer at GetSmarter.

Founded in 2008, GetSmarter, under its parent company 2U, has trailblazed the concept of the online classroom – from its initial partnership with the University of Cape Town to today partnering with the likes of Oxford, Cambridge, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – all with the goals of having empowered one million students by 2030.

“The Live Better Benefit is a partnership between Capitec and GetSmarter where we offer all Capitec clients R4000 immediate saving on any short course with GetSmarter offered through any of our partners in South Africa… So far around 400 students have utilised this benefit, and that translates to around one and a half million rand in savings”, adds O’Mahoney.

Capitec’s Live Better Benefit is automatically available to clients with a banking account – and offers affordable entertainment with DStv, discounted Hello Doctor subscriptions, and great savings on their next holiday with Travelstart. With GetSmarter, Capitec is now ready to help educate the next generation of students to achieve their goals.

GetSmarter, through partnerships with leading South African universities such as the University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch Business School, aims to deliver an exciting new way of learning to clients who can partake in online classes and absorb new knowledge from the comfort of their home.

“We’re aiming to bring all the elements of a university into this immersive online experience”, says O’Mahoney – and instead of sitting in classes in a traditional setting, clients can empower themselves by studying in their own time and managing their deadlines accordingly. “Our students are looking to thrive in an uncertain world of work – our job is to bring the experience of a university to them”, O’Mahoney adds.

In a changing world, O’Mahoney believes that education is the key to learning new skills and developing new experience. “We’ve always believed that continuous education is the answer to dealing with a changing environment”

To make use of this exciting benefit, which applies to GetSmarter courses from South African universities, Capitec customers only need to pay for their registration with their Capitec card. Terms and conditions apply. For more information, you can visit Capitec’s official website here.




The state of the workplace

GetSmarter assessed the degree of change currently experienced across multiple industries, the reasons for this change, the anticipated effects of this change over the next 18 months, and how businesses are preparing for this unprecedented change. Even though the introduction of automation through robotics and AI promises greater efficiency, convenience, and financial benefit to a business, it also creates considerable uncertainty amongst decision makers and employees around skills redundancy and the impending skills gap surrounding these new technologies.

Navigating change and professional development

To close the skills gap, 40 per cent of HR, Learning & Development and talent managers, as well as 47 per cent of people managers, are turning to upskilling their teams, rather than hiring external talent.
And, while there is a need to address technical and analytical shortcomings, the research revealed a growing demand for interpersonal and leadership skills in the face of uncertainty.

How can you evaluate your skills?

By analysing your experience and qualifications against the GetSmarter Skills Hierarchy below. 

GetSmarter’s research, in conjunction with insights gathered from over 100,000 students over the past 12 years, have provided a deep understanding of the future of work. While this model will continue to adapt as the nature of careers evolve, five key areas act as a guide for where you may need to upskill or reskill in the near future.

See the full report in the GetSmarter 2020 Career Guide below.