Tamara Dey opens up about her evolution of style and music, her family and how Disco is therapy.

From her early reign as First Lady of Kwaito music through a decade of hits with Flash Republic, Tamara Dey’s legacy in South African music speaks for itself. Having had a daughter Lalabella, then come through two hard years for live music, she is back and working with fashion designer David Hutt on fresh, new looks to match her latest releases.

“The relationship between fashion and music for me is just one and the same, the one can’t exist without the other. Fashion has played a vital role in me being able to tell the story I’m already telling through my music,” shares Tamara. 

The songstress shared her excitement in working with stylist David and how they’re crafting a a look for Tamara that is as authentically her as ever. 

“David and I are crafting  a new look together and the music is where it begins… We’re kind of rebranding Tamara Dey but in the most authentic way I’ve ever done it before because he understands my vision, he understands how I want to look  and how I want to move on stage when I’m performing. And what I’m starting to see is this look coming out, that is so unique to me and that is really thrilling,” states Tamara.       

Tamara has long held the idea that everything is neutral until ‘you’ give it meaning. So, being able to use a different, original track as inspiration for each look is exhilarating for both her and David.

From a green iridescent disco dress that was created for her new single ‘Disco Therapy’, to a dazzling wrap dress that captures light to intentionally convey hope. 

“My new sound is very much about what the world has been going through. At the core of it, is the energy of healing, of escaping and transcending all the tough times that we’ve all been going through.

But some of the greatest music comes from the toughest emotional places, as Cindy Kruger, a spiritual medium who Tamara consults, will attest to. The duo met and discussed the power of having a spiritual gift, Tamara coming from a line of women who have the gift and how today they stand in their own power. 




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