We caught up with TikTok sensation Banele Ndaba aka Moghelingz to chat about his journey in content creation.

It is said that personality has the power to uplift and to bless, and that is the case with Banele Ndaba, who has blessed his 1.3 million followers on TikTok with quality comedy content for the past two years.

Five years ago, Banele began posting dance and singing videos on social media. Despite this, he only became serious about content creation in 2020 out of his love for the camera and for entertaining others.

“Content creation is not just being on camera, it is about storytelling so it is really important for people to grasp from whatever message you’re trying to get across.”

Although initially doing dance and singing videos, Banele started creating comedy sketches during lockdown and soon blew up on the short video platform, TikTok.

For his sketches, Banele takes on numerous persona, such as his sporty netball player however, one of his most prominent characters is Moghelingz.

“Moghelingz is an alter ego which Banele uses to get to places where he can’t reach,” he says.

What drove Banele was the thought of changing his family’s situation to a better life. Wanting to grow his career further, Banele made a drastic move from his small hometown of Standerton in Mpumalanga to the big and bustling city of Johannesburg.

Unable to study after matric because of financial constraints, Banele is now saving to take himself to varsity, while entertaining all the way.

Banele’s hard work has not gone unnoticed as he was awarded Content Creator of the Year at the Clout Africa Awards 2022.

As for a legacy, Moghelingz wants his fellow youth to be fearless but kind, do what the world says you can’t and make your own rules.

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