Experience one of the natural wonders of the world that borders both Zimbabwe and Zambia with celebrity couple Qiniso Van Damme and Gareth Ehret.

The locals named it Mosi-oa-Tunya, or The Smoke That Thunders after the clouds of mist which can be seen and heard from far and wide. Here on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, Celebrity Couple Qiniso Van Damme and Gareth Ehret have returned to our screens to embrace Victoria Falls head on!

As the largest sheet of falling water, Victoria Falls claims its place as one of the wonders of the natural world and most scenic spots to bungee jump in the World.

It’s a 111m drop though, which is certainly not for the faint hearted. Despite Gareth’s fear of heights he was game to try it but as he readied himself for the jump we weren’t sure if it was fear, excitement or both that was setting in.

“I’m trying to channel my nervous energy into getting hyped up,” comments Gareth. 

After getting strapped in and secured, it was up to Gareth to go first. With the thunderous sounds of the falls cheering him on, he headed towards the raging Zambezi waters.

After watching her partner plummet headfirst over the waters of the mighty Zambezi river below, Qiniso opted for the bridge swing. A different, albeit still thrilling experience.

“I don’t know what to say, there’s a feeling that rushes through your body as you’re falling, that i’ve never felt in my life. I don’t actually have the words to describe it,” shares an exhilarated Gareth.  

As for Qiniso’s experience. She states, “All I can say is, life is for the living”.

An incredible feat of engineering saw the construction of a bridge intended to allow trains to feel the spray of the falls as they crossed over between the two countries it borders. Completed at the turn of the century in 1905, today an experience is offered that allows visitors to feel transported back to those times.

Kim Adams, Tour Guide at Shearwater Activities, shared some of the history and specifics about the bridge before taking the love birds on a tour.

The water from the falls creates a rainforest ecosystem which brings with it a unique array of flora and fauna which otherwise would not be found in this part of our continent. A labyrinth of pathways on offer provide for a myriad of breath-taking vantage points from which travelers like Qiniso and Gareth can imagine what it was like for David Livingstone when he first arrived here.

Viewing the falls in its full might is nothing short of a spectacular experience. It is both overwhelming and cathartic to witness the power of the river – as was experienced by a delighted and tearful Qiniso.

As the waters plunged 108 metres it thundered and the mist of the falls rose to heights that created a spray – it can vary in degree but this time it was like a light rainfall. 

After drying off, Qiniso and Gareth took to the skies in what must certainly be the best way to  appreciate the magnitude of the beauty below. The privilege brought with it the opportunity to observe the natural border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. 

“We got onto the helicopter which has a glass bottom and glass rounded windows – and you get to see every part of the falls and they are mighty. When you are jumping off a bridge, bungee jumping or whatever you still understand the might if it but when you see it from that perspective – it’s crazy, crazy,” explains Qiniso. 

Southern Africa continues to exceed expectations . Reminding us to get out and explore all that is on offer and embrace a zest for life..

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