We spend an action day with actress and combat training enthusiast Nicole Bessick as she tells us about her passion for women empowerment.

Nicole Bessick is a South African Actress who has graced screens locally and internationally. In addition to acting, Nicole’s passions include combat training and championing women’s empowerment by teaching women self-defence. 

We spend the day with Nicole to see first hand how she pushes boundaries to achieve her goals, starting with a trip to her gym in Sandton. 

“I think staying in shape and keeping fit are important for a number of reasons, not only for your emotional, mental and physical well-being. In the land of self defense, your attacker is going to be stronger, fueled and have stamina,” says the talented creative who believes it’s important for women to be able to keep up. 

“That’s why I find myself in the gym, once or even twice a day sometimes, just to make sure that I’m staying fit, keeping healthy but also, when that fight happens, I’ll know exactly how to end it,” she adds. 

Nicole is trained by Craig Toontas and they share a vision of showing women and the youth how to protect themselves in conflict situations.    

Craig, who’s Co-owner of Apex Gym, expands on the partnership. “We really just love Nicole’s energy and love what she’s doing around the anti gender-based violence movement. We felt it was a space that needed some attention from our end and was an opportunity to give back and so aligned with Nicole.”  

Nicole emphasized how important this alignment is to her when adding, “It’s important for women to learn self defense because the harsh reality is that these things are happening around us, to your mom, to your sister, to your sister, to your daughter, to your aunty or your cousin. These things are happening!”

This meeting of minds, sees Nicole and Apex Gym using their influence and programmes to prepare women for real world scenarios, that will typically have women facing opponents that are stronger and more violent. 

Our time at the gym was followed by a trip to the Rand Airport in Johannesburg, as Nicole was keen to face her own fear of flying and went on a hands on introductory flight with Gift Experience where she experienced the thrill of being a pilot and flying a plane above the skies of the City of Gold. 

Returning to the ground, but continuing the adventure, we took a trip to Acrobranch, where we joined Nicole on an obstacle course through the trees.

“Today has been absolutely action packed! In the life of Nicole Bessick, this is what living on the edge looks like,” states the thrill seeker. Joining her for the experience was TV Presenter, Model and friend Harmony Katulondi. 

“Warrior princess, that’s what I call Nicole because she’s like our very own wonder woman. She’s insane in the boardroom in terms of being an amazing entrepreneur and talent wise, the things that she can do is just incredible – from being an actress, voice over artist and insane creative…” shares Harmony before helping Nicole push herself out of her comfort zone. 

By turning challenges into opportunities, Nicole Bessick has been able to achieve great things. 

“When it comes to life challenges I honestly don’t believe I have any. Skilled sailors aren’t made from still seas, so everything that I’ve been through in my life I’ve used as the building blocks for the empire that I’m building. I’ve never had a challenge I can’t dominate, including this acro-branch thing.”

We wrapped the day in a life with Nicole, with these bold words of encouragement from the actress, “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.”