We spend the day with K.O. at Capitec Merchant Randfontein Oval Raceway to learn more about his appreciation for cars, living life boldly and his shared interests with Capitec.

Our mission to uncover those living on the edge, leads us to this farm in Randfontein – home to the Randfontein Oval Raceway that’s played a significant role in the area by helping realise the dreams of many petrolheads and keen racing drivers by providing a track. 

The track was established in 1996 by the late Anton Coetzee, the legendary racer Anton Coetzee who was known for racing V8 Sprints and just wanted a piece of land to test his cars before racing. It’s since become known worldwide with numerous competitors, where Regional and South African Championships have been hosted and is now run by brother Deon Coetzee who’s an equally passionate motoring enthusiast. 

Deon shows us his 5.7 liter petrol guzzling beast which he built from scratch around 6 years ago. “It takes you about two weeks to build a frame like this, called a Flexi. It’s got a 350 Chevy V8 and the top speed we’re doing is in the region of 140/150kmph on this oval track. This baby does about 300 Horsepower (224kW) and is a very nice car to drive,” shares a proud Deon Coetzee.

Dean Coetzee, K.O and Marilize Coetzee.

We also meet Marilize Coetzee, Deon’s daughter who grew up on the track and fondly remembers playing in the sand while her dad was racing. She now helps steer the business while also competing with the guys behind the wheel. 

“Since 2018 I started taking a lead role alongside them to run the track as a promoter. I also started racing in 2018… so I’m now also a race girl,” shares Marilize before telling us more about the business and the impact that the pandemic has had on their business. “The pandemic definitely affected all of us, it hit us quite hard in the beginning. We still do accept spectators but obviously there’s limitations according to the levels that we are on,” says Marilize Coetzee, Promoter at Randfontein Oval Raceway.

The event hosts have adapted accordingly and now give their spectators the opportunity to watch via live streaming from the convenience from wherever they are. They’ve also opted to use an innovative banking partner that simplifies the process. 

“My mom has a Capitec account and she’s very happy with their service. They are so friendly, follow up regularly, and we appreciate the personal relationship that they have built with us. She also motivated that they really do have the most cost-effective options for merchants and that’s why we’ve opened up an account with Capitec. They also make our lives so much easier with the clever technology that they use. We use Scan to Pay, and they’ve got a virtual card that you can download via the app.” 

Every month the raceway hosts events where beginners, enthusiasts and professionals can test their metal, and with the proud backing of Capitec, through simpler banking, they’ve made it possible for spectators to enjoy the excitement virtually. 

Another happy Capitec client, with a shared interest in living life on full throttle, is motorhead K.O. who’s just dropped his latest single ‘k-Hova’.

“It’s basically me, cementing my legacy as far as where I stand within the culture, not only in this country but throughout the African continent, my impact, my journey and some of the things that I still want to accomplish in the musical landscape, and also just as an entrepreneur,” shares the South African rapper, founder and co-owner of Cashtime Life, and creator of Skhanda Music and Skhanda World clothing range. 

The entrepreneur believes that cars and the world of rap go hand-in-hand, explaining that fashion, girls, money, lifestyle is all synonymous with hip-hop culture, before filling us in on his history with cars.

“Growing up I always wanted a high performance vehicle. I managed to play around with some of the brands but I’ve kind of settled down as I mature. I’m into dressing up cars, you know – the rims and playing with the interior, wraps, and sound systems… that’s as far as it goes these days. Anything beyond that is a bit too out there for me,” says the renowned rapper.  

K.O. may live boldly, but he takes a responsible approach to life. “Living on the edge for me means, having a daring spirit but there has to be limits. So me being here, watching professionals do what they do, that’s as far as it goes. You can push the envelope as much as you can, but you also need to live to see another day. I’m someone who is fortunate enough not to have high levels of anxiety so I like to push the envelope as much as I possibly can in everything that I do, whether it be in the music that I create, or tossing yourself out there into all kinds of different risk bearing business ventures, because the bigger the risk the bigger the reward. So that’s how I operate in my life.”

K.O. is also part of Capitec’s initiative to help youth and students with their finances, and while he’s actively involved in helping upcoming artists he has also been known to urge young people to save rather than spend money on things they don’t need. “Bank that money instead of splurging on things you don’t need.” 

When asked about future plans, the rapper with a big heart reveals his goals of continuing to share his blessings with others, continuing to open doors for driven young people, diversifying even further by expanding into avenues like tech and solidifying his dream of becoming a media mogul, which he’s well on his way to accomplishing. 

If you too appreciate all things related to speed and optimum performance, be sure to keep the Randfontein Oval Raceway on your radar. They host regular events where beginners, enthusiasts and professionals can test their metal, and through simpler banking with Capitec, they’ve made it possible for spectators to enjoy the excitement virtually.