Simple online banking services from Capitec have been key for vegan baker Bonolo, who’s found and turned her passion into a business for a hungry market.

If there’s a classic example of what great things can come from the most modest of beginnings, it is the plant kingdom. One which Bonolo Ratshidi has followed – from sowing the seeds of her own produce through to opening her own plant-based micro bakery and café called Love & Karma.

Having a farmer for a dad and parents that have always grown a lot of plants has certainly played a role in Bonolo’s appreciation for flora and her vegan lifestyle.

In fact, a lack of choice around vegan and vegetarian meals during lockdown is what saw her make a leap into the catering space. When Bonolo couldn’t get cake or ice-cream that met her dietary choices, she made them herself and then began taking orders – often requiring custom-bakes.

“There is a pick-up in people who are becoming vegan or choosing plant-based diets because of diseases, religious reasons or even social activism,” shares the eatery owner.

It’s a way of eating that’s new to many but not exotic or complicated – and that’s how this young entrepreneur is going about her business and personal banking.

“I cannot spend a lot of time on banking because I have a business to run, so anything that is fast, easy and convenient works for me.”

Capitec’s easy remote on-boarding process to open an account was what attracted Bonolo to their bank and within a few quick steps from the comfort of her kitchen she was an account holder.

“I took my phone, took a selfie, once doing that I registered my details and then the card was on its way to me,” shares Bonolo.

She adds, “I can use my phone in-between my bakes so while I’m waiting for something to finish in the oven, I can quickly go on the phone and use it for my banking. It’s fast and I don’t have to move from the bakery.”

You can now have your card delivered straight to your door when you open an account via Capitec’s app – making a switch has never been as easy, fast or secure and you don’t even have to visit a branch to do it.

You can do it from anywhere at any time with a selfie in four easy steps – download their app, take a few selfies, enter your SA ID or passport number and have your card delivered.


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