We head out to the beaches of Durban to learn about the exciting new sport of hydrofoiling with Willow River Tonkin.

Willow-River Tonkin is a man of the ocean who has dedicated his life to various water-based sports including surfing, kite-surfing, stand up paddle boarding and now hydro-foiling.

We joined him in Durban to learn more about this latest passion that is more commonly referred to as foiling. 

It’s been around for over ten years and is captivating adventurous hobbyists and professional sportspeople from all over the globe.

Like any professional athlete it’s important to Willow to keep himself in peak physical condition at all times to ensure he performs at his best.

With all the equipment packed neatly into the back of the car, he took us out to explore the KZN Coastline at Durban North Beach along the seafront’s Golden Mile, along with friend and professional kiteboarder, Alessandro D’ambrosio. 

A hydrofoil is a long and hydro-dynamically designed fin with wings.

The beauty of it is that it mitigates the effects of the wind on the surface of the water, reducing friction and allowing you to angle at 90 degrees in less than a second.

Alessandro’s skills in the water definitely equipped him for the new activity, which soon saw them both gaining speed from a wave. 

The guys were in their element in the water, but with a little coaxing agreed to share tips for anyone wanting to try the exciting sport for themselves. 

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Willow River Tonkin and his hydro-foiling hobby as new sports evolve, continually shaping the way in which we interact with our ocean.