We sit down with former Miss South Africa, Cindy Nell-Roberts, as she chats to us about her move from pageants and modeling to business and family. 

Launching your own bespoke cosmetics brand in an industry of very big players is a bold move but when Cindy Nell-Roberts did it, she revealed the self-made entrepreneur in her, one that is distinct from the pageant, modeling and presenting careers that had for a long time defined her.

“My professional life has very much transitioned from pageants and modeling, to one that is now fully a businesswoman,” explains Cindy. Currently, Cindy is the CEO of Cosmetix, her makeup and self tan manufacturing company, and is the Director of Ace Models, her modeling academy business.

“I find that in this modern day and age, you can be all of those things,” she says, “but my main focus is being a businesswoman and growing and flourishing all my different businesses.”

Cindy was crowned Miss South Africa in 2002 and with it, her career was kickstarted. Over the last two decades, her career has slowly transitioned and she has focused on making a career out of her passion, which is the beauty industry. 

“I really do think that if you work hard, and you do what you love, that you can turn that into your own personal success story.” And that is what happened in her case.

“Honestly, I’ve never been happier and more settled and feel more at home in my own skin than I do at 40,” Cindy exclaims, “40 really has been such a coming of age to me almost.”

For Cindy, this big shift occurred after she stopped trying to look good for other people and started adopting fitness, lifestyle and health because it physically changes how you feel on a daily basis. 

“Keeping physically and mentally well [has] become one of the biggest priorities for me, as opposed to how I look on Instagram for everyone else.” Cindy’s diet has also radically changed.

“I’m a boere meisie, I was raised pretty much on reis, vleis and aardappels and then about two years ago, I started seeing a wellness coach with a very strong focus on being a dietician,” she explains. Since then, Cindy has transitioned to a plant based life.

Image-wise, Cindy’s only goal is to feel comfortable in her own skin and to her head make-up artist La’eeqa Younus, it’s a winning mindset.

“She’s been successful because she’s always thinking out the box,” explains La’eeqa, “she’s not afraid to get down and dirty, no task is too small or too big.” Although beauty is Cindy’s main career focus, her family comes first and foremost in her life. 

A lot of laughs are shared in the Roberts’ household, a joy which may be the biggest factor in the lady of the house looking this good.

“We are really blessed, we have an incredible family life [that] doesn’t mean that there’s no challenges as there always is in life,” says Cliver Roberts, Cindy’s husband.

“Cindy is an amazing mother and I could never ask for a better mother for our two little children,” he says, “what really impresses me about Cindy is she has an incredible ability to learn and adapt, and I’ve watched her over the last 15 years grow into the woman she is today.”

With the clan taking life so comfortably in their stride, what new challenges have they set themselves?

“I don’t really know what’s next for me, we believe very much on doing good onto others, living a life of virtue and fortitude, and everything else just flows from there.”

No matter how busy things get, the home family life that Cindy and Clive have tailored towards simple happiness, remains their greatest achievement.





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