Sisters in soul food, Lazy Makoti and Rochelle Meyer, welcome a legendary African liqueur with new Ethiopian Coffee Flavour. 

Our first stop on this week’s guide to the most wondrous things this season is an event to toast a new flavour of Africa’s original Winter warmer – Amarula Ethiopian Coffee. 

This new addition to the Amarula range perfectly combines the unique flavour of natural Marula fruit with the rich, fragrant mocha-chocolate undertones of single origin Ethiopian Arabica beans – providing you with a drinking experience like no other while celebrating the unique taste of Africa (Ethiopia is the birthplace of the coffee bean after all).

Banele Msimanga, Marketing Manager of Amarula Liqueur

“Drinking coffee is a fundamental part of Africa’s rich cultural tapestry and is considered a ritual that brings together family, friends, and strangers to reflect on life and sit down for an Amarula Coffee moment. Especially those moments at the end of the day or the week when you echo on moments passed. Moments that lead to learning and clarity,” says Banele Msimanga, Marketing Manager – Amarula Liqueur.

Who better to bring the ultimate food pairing to the occasion than the dynamic Lazy Makoti and Rochelle Meyer?

The Lazy Makoti

Like Amarula – renowned chef, best-selling author and personality, Mogau Seshoene, aka The Lazy Makoti – embodies everything South Africa stands for: authenticity, richness and a love for our people, stories, culture and heritage.

While popular cook, entrepreneur and content creator Rochelle Meyer’s creativity,  originality and passion for food speaks for itself. 

Rochelle Meyer

In keeping with the Ethiopian theme, the dress code was nudes for guests, reds and burgundies for hosts – and as was expected, everyone showed up in style! 

“I’m wearing a skirt and a top from MaXhosa. I decided to go with a proudly African brand as you can see. The brief was to wear something with a touch of red – hence this beautiful outfit,” shares Mogau. 

The gorgeous number blended with the smooth guest looks completed the scene set by co-ordinator Erin Goodwin from GROUND The Venue. The proudly African venue in Muldersdrift that has plenty of nature to show off and perfectly aligned with what the Amarula aimed to achieve.  

How the world enjoys their Amarula has become unique to every nation, city, venue and home where it’s enjoyed. 

“It’s the truest sense of what it feels like to be African. It’s a South African brand that has gone global and is now sold in over 100 countries across the world,” says Banele. 

She adds, “Today we are launching the Amarula Ethiopian Coffee and this product is really inspired by the Ethiopian coffee bean.  Part of their ritual and something that is so central to the family and community is coffee. So, we tapped into the Ethiopian story, and brought in this beautiful, robust, fragrant product into our new Ethiopian Coffee just to really commemorate that moment of celebration and community that Ethiopian Coffee really stands for.”  

The taste set the tone, soulful jazz and bossa nova beats lent the rhythm, leaving the tappas menu to Rochelle, followed by mains from Lazy Makoti. Anticipation filled the air.

Included on Rochelle’s lunch menu was a local favourite of koeksister infused with Amarula Ethiopian Coffee and crudites with Amarula dipping sauce. Then Lazy Makoti served the likes of hasselback kara baked sweet potato bake infused with Amarula Ethiopian coffee and coffee and Amarula Ethopian Coffee roasted duck legs. 

The brand had commissioned a one of a kind cocktail by mixologist Alex Fahrenheim. 

“The Ama-Tini is inspired by the coffee based espresso martini cocktail, but it can lend itself to being even better than it is. We improved on it by adding that creaminess and bolstering that coffee taste and a little bit of cinnamon to tie it in a bow,” explains Alex.

Mixologist Alex Fahrenheim

The triumph went beyond guests taking the new Ethiopian Coffee spirit to heart. Over dinner, a hundred different ways to enjoy this liqueur were exchanged and if we were to pick just the right words on how it came together then Mpho Wabadimo painted the perfect picture.

“It was a beautiful event. It was so chilled. Everyone stuck to the theme. We looked good. The venue was amazing. It was just a different ambiance to everything and I think it fit the brand perfectly,” reflects the reality TV star.

The only question remaining is how you will take yours? With good laughs, in great company, and see where it goes from there.


Two lucky viewers stand the chance to win an Amarula hamper. To enter, reply to the competition post on  our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile and tell us what’s the name of the new Amarula flavour. The competition ends 31 July 2022 and Ts&Cs apply.

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