Discover how Green Degree is transforming the lives of those in need with their recycled denim products.

Understanding the effects that waste population can have on the environment, Anne Henderson and Cheryl Macdonald founded Green Degree Recycled Denim in order to help both the environment and their surrounding communities.

The idea for Green Degree Recycled Denim stemmed from Anne and Cherly’s desire to help give back to the community and from their love of denim.

“We started looking up denim facts and we were horrified to learn how bad denim is for the environment,” explains Anne, “so we came up with this concept of saving it [and] giving it a second life.”

Anne and Cherl wanted their brand to link back to a cause that they both held closely to their hearts which was to raise funds for the education system.

As a result, they decided to create pencil bags out of the upcycled denim.

To help fund their pencil bags, the dynamic duo decided to start making one-of-a-kind denim jackets as well.

“Denim is an absolutely fascinating medium to work with, it shows its age beautifully,” says Anne.

Their pencil cases are made at The Sewing Café, a non-profit sewing company located in the township of Masiphumelele, Cape Town.

Once the pencil cases are complete, they are filled with stationery and then are donated to local primary schools in need.

If you would like to support green° by sponsoring a pencil case at R70 each, please visit and click the donate button. If you are interested in purchasing a green° exclusive recycled/upcycled jacket or handbag follow @green__degree on Instagram and inquire via Direct Message.