Join actor and TV personality, Jade Daniel and her family on a trip to the countryside to Black Horse Country Estate – a family-run business made better by Capitec.

In the scenic countryside of Magaliesberg, overlooking the Zeekooihoek Valley is Black Horse Country Estate. With luxury accommodation, a restaurant, and craft brewery on-site, the estate offers visitors a unique countryside experience. To explore this beautiful property is television personality, Jade Daniel and her husband Matthew, along with their daughter Mila.

Black Horse was established by Bernard Botha and his family, who moved out to the Magaliesberg countryside for his daughters’ health and wellbeing. “We moved here, bought the property, started building, and acquired some horses. That’s where the name ‘Black Horse originated from”, he explains.

With a sleek black coat, the Friesian is a renowned show-horse and one of the most sought-after breeds in the world. Originally from the Netherlands, these majestic horses are the pride and joy of the estate.

At Black Horse Country Estate, Jade, Matthew, and little Mila get to experience the beauty of these horses along with some other cattle, have a tour of the brewery and distillery, enjoy a romantic dinner, and soak in some relaxing time walking and playing in the estate’s expansive gardens.

In awe of the estate, Jade describes Black Horse as one of the most beautiful places the couple has ever visited, saying, “Everywhere you go there’s a new pocket of beauty hidden amongst the villa!” Matthew adds, “It’s got the feeling of a cross between an Italian and English countryside villa.”

With five en-suite cottages, as well as a beautiful guesthouse on the property, guests can enjoy a private and romantic getaway while taking in the warm countryside hospitality on offer at the estate.

One of the featured activities on the estate is a grand tour of the Black Horse Craft Brewery and Distillery, led by Bernard’s talented daughter Nuschka Scheepers – the brewer. For a beer lover like Matthew, this was a definite highlight of the trip.

Jade and Matthew Daniel with baby Mila enjoying countryside living at Black Horse Estate.

After a day’s journey around the estate, the family enjoys a light lunch at the estate’s pub and bistro, The Stables Café. For a chilly day, a glass of wine around the fire is the perfect way to round up an adventure.

Bernard shares how Capitec Bank helped get the family business through lockdown. He shares, “Capitec supported us with machines and gave us the opportunity to not pay the rentals on the machines right through the lockdown period. We’ve decided to go with them as our point-of-sale merchant. They’ve been wonderful to us.”

To wrap up a relaxing day, Jade and Matthew are treated to a romantic dinner prepared by Chef Jakes who uses fresh ingredients directly from the estate – a true farm-to-table experience.

Here, the couple chat about the secret to a long and happy marriage. Matthew explains, “I think marriage is like a garden: you have to tend to it, water it, and look after it. If you do that, it will bear a lot of fruit.” Jade adds, “You really have to set time aside and make an effort. Even if you go on a date and half the time you end up talking about your child, at least you’re there. It’s good to reconnect, have that romance, and light the fire again.”



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