Tackling a PhD while starting and running two new businesses means that convenience, simplicity and saving time is everything to Running Raspberries’ founder Jolandi Jacobs.

It’s hard to keep pace with Jolandi Jacobs and her achievements. Having graduated in physiotherapy and founding her own business while researching and lecturing, she’s also inspiring women every step of the way.

Running Raspberries is a female running community she built from the ground up in 2019 at the University of Pretoria’s Curelitzia Residence. Many of her fellow students were in search of a safe environment to run and Jolandi filled that need by empowering women to move in the streets, move where they are, move towards their goals and, perhaps most importantly, to move up in life.

The group has garnered support, and has since grown to 24 communities throughout South Africa, evolving into a resource-rich environment with plenty of information to prepare and help each individual meet their fitness, nutritional and sports goals – no matter their fitness level.

Living by an ethos that asks “What is the value of your greatest accomplishment if it’s not to change the world into a better place?” Jolandi has created so much more than a fitness group. It’s a supportive community that has a far-reaching impact, shares Anize van der Vyver.

“To me, this group does really mean a lot, as it’s helped me get a bit more out of my shell. I’ve always been an introvert and meeting new people has always scared me, but I landed up sticking with it [Running Raspberries] and I’ve learnt to start conversations with people without them having to come to me first,” says Anize.

Completing her PhD alongside the responsibilities of running two businesses means that time is everything for Jolandi.

“I think we, as millennials, relate to Capitec because we are on the go and need our lives to be simple, automated, innovative and creative. That’s the kind of bank I would like to partner with,” shares the entrepreneur.

“With Capitec, it was so easy to download the app and establish my account online. I just did it after a run at a nice coffee shop with no hassles, as I had everything I needed on me to open the account. That’s the kind of partner I’m looking for when it comes to banking.”

Are you looking for an innovative, user-friendly banking partner? Switching to Capitec has never been easier, faster and more secure – and you don’t even have to visit a branch to do it. Simply download the app, take a few selfies, enter your SA ID or passport number and with your new account setup, you can get your card delivered to your door.



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