The left-brain partners with the right as Capitec’s IT crowd give free reign to their creative side.

Capitec’s team is always hard at work innovating to ensure customers have access to the most convenient and efficient banking technologies. Most recently their digital payments team integrated with Samsung Pay, offering yet another way for customers to make easy and safe payments with zero fees on local card purchases.

With most of the heavy lifting done, they celebrated with a team building session consisting of time in the winter sun, paint brushes and canvas.

Art Facilitator Alan Nel

Now, the theory is that if you’re creative, you are right-brained or if analytical and methodical, then you’re left-brained but the team exercise, facilitated by Alan Nel, showed how some of Capitec’s most systematic minds come to innovate the most creative solutions.

The project that we are finalising puts three of the top brand names in South Africa together – Capitec, Mastercard and Samsung with their Samsung Pay wallet. It’s very exciting as we deliver something new that our customers can use daily,” explains Solutions Architect, Bernard van der Nest.

We chat to Cocktails & Canvas Paint Facilitator, Alan, about identifying and unlocking potential as it’s something he gets to do on a daily basis.

Most people stop drawing at the age of twelve. They will continue to draw like a child for the rest of their lives and they don’t think they have creative abilities.”

He adds, “It’s so lovely to offer classes where people can see that they have creative abilities that they thought disappeared with childhood. That’s what makes an event like this such a fun event.”

Once armed with a canvas, paint brushes and their choice of colours, Alan proceeded to take them step by step through the process of plotting their vision, which for this class was inspired by a beach scene.

Capitec's Digital Payments Team with Facilitator Alan

A day out painting is not my forte and definitely not a comfort zone for an IT person, but I’m looking forward to a nice day,” comments Digital Card Product Head, Gideon de Wet.

“The diversity, the culture, all makes Capitec a nice place to work for. It’s all about customers. It’s a very customer-centric company, so we make sure that our customers enjoy our products and my job puts me at the forefront of making sure that we simply our products and that everyone has access to our products – so it’s a beautiful, beautiful space to be in,” shares Software Architect, Simon Motaung.

If appreciating a work of art is in the eye of the beholder, then this team keep their public in mind, ensuring that their work is instantly relatable too.

“Samsung Pay makes life so much easier because we’re walking into a digitalised world. We’re looking into spaces where people don’t want a piece of plastic in their pockets anymore that anyone could swipe. They don’t want any fraud risk going around, so now cards are digital,” explains Digital Payments Business Analyst, Sune Schutte.

We leave the day here in good spirits, revived, refreshed and we got to think outside the box a bit,” concludes Bernard.

From the team’s feedback it’s clear that fun was had and that capturing their visions on canvas was a great way to feed the creative side of their brains.

In art, engineering, design or digital solutions, the real works of genius are often the simplest – if you can free your mind and let imagination lead you. It can be a paintbrush or your smart device. Understanding the full potential of what you hold in your hand and the freedom it can offer – is all down to just giving it a go.


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