Mors Design is creating create an eco-ethical sustainable products while combating unemployment to empower local communities.

Mors Design was started out of the need to create an eco-ethical sustainable brand that addresses many of the issues that we as South Africans face.

The brand wanted to combat unemployment, empower local communities, encourage skill development and job creation while cleaning up the environment.

As a sustainable brand, Mors was trying to find the balance between humanity and fashion.

“Things that are really important to us are who makes your bag, how is it made, and where is it going to end up,” explains Raihana Govender, Director of Mors Design.

Mors Design’s collection consists of 100% handmade bags that are made from discarded tyres.

The first step in the design process involves collecting tyres from the landfill, before they are thoroughly cleaned and then hand cut, hand-stitched and in some instances, handwoven into the products that are then sold to the public.

“Seeing the landfill for the first time was extremely overwhelming,” says Raihana.

She couldn’t believe that so many tyres were just going to waste.

That is why Mors decided to use those tyres and give them new life as bags.

“It is very gratifying knowing that we are able to do our bit by cleaning some of it up and turning the waste into worth,” she says.

The process of producing the bags, however, takes a lot of time and energy as they must find tyre tubes to are suitable to work with but for Raihana, the outcome of helping both humanity and the environment is worth it.

“That is what Mors is all about – skill development, job creation, empowering communities, and cleaning the environment while doing all of the above.”


Purchase your own Mors Design bag here: mors.co.za