Learn to go plant-based with Twitch gaming couple, Grant Hinds and Ambel Barnard as they cook up a storm with Fry’s vegan alternatives.

Over the past decade, video games have become so much more than just a pastime activity. For Tech and Gaming Content Creators, Grant Hinds and Ambel Barnard, it’s a shared passion that brought them together. The Insider SA visited them in their tech-savvy apartment where they create a range of online content in the gaming and tech space and live a healthy, plant-based lifestyle together.

Grant creates content on Twitch – a live-streaming platform for gamers where he has a following of over 14 thousand followers. Because of this, Grant has his own broadcasting studio at home. There, he explains, “I’m able to bring in the people that are watching the stream. Think of it as television, but you can participate live and play with me. I can interact with people and play with them at the same time which is really exciting.”

They say that couples who game together, stay together. For Grant and Ambel, it’s the perfect way to relax at home and connect with one another. Grant shares, “Because of lockdown, my girlfriend and I work from home and we love it. Every square inch of this space is where content is created.” He adds, “I’m super fortunate to have a girlfriend who shares my passion for games.”

Meeting on a dating app six months ago, Grant and Ambel immediately connected, especially over their love for plant-based food and their mutual competitive spirits. “We love playing video games together, it’s one of the best parts of our relationship I think!” says Grant.

As passionate vegans, Grant and Ambel love to spend much of their time in the kitchen preparing delicious plant-based meals. Together, they show us some of their favourites: meat-free teriyaki ‘chicken’ and spaghetti & plant-based ‘meatballs’. With a great range of products from Fry’s Family Food Co., plant-based cooking is becoming increasingly convenient. With Fry’s, you can prepare plant-based versions of all your favourite recipes.

To create a teriyaki sauce, Ambel combines some ginger, garlic, soy sauce, syrup and sesame seeds. Once complete, Ambel then adds the sauce to Fry’s ‘chicken’ strips. For another quick meal, one of Grant and Ambel’s favourites is Fry’s ‘meatballs’ to add to a wholesome dish of spaghetti and tomato-based pasta sauce. Taking only 15 minutes, this option is a sure way to have a healthy dinner and save some time. Grant’s go-to for braais is the Big Fry’s Burger, saying, “It’s packed with protein and nutrients, and it tastes amazing!”

Ambel recommends, “If you want to try out a plant-based lifestyle but don’t feel like you can do a full month, maybe try being vegan for one day a week on Meat Free Mondays. That’s how I started my journey!” Grant adds, “It’s just a process of learning. Eating plant-based is good for the environment, your body, and animals.”

A romantic plant-based dinner enjoyed together as a couple wouldn’t be complete without something sweet to finish it off. Ambel whips up a chocolate fondant made with vegan alternatives – a showstopper that wins over both Grant’s belly and heart.

Try Grant and Ambels’ vegan chocolate lava cake recipe.

Ambel shares, “It’s really exciting that a lot of people are now eating plant-based, meaning we’ve got lots more options available.” Grant adds, “A lot of people find that it’s cheaper, and better for the environment and your health. It’s not what you’d expect – you get to eat delicious food and it’s healthy for you.”

Whether you’re looking to reduce your meat consumption with a Meat Free Monday or adopting a plant-based approach to living, Fry’s has your covered with a range of delicious and convenient products. Available at most retailers.