Here, inside the classic Victorian lines of her city bowl family home, interior designer Kimberley Richmond lives in the product of her own imagination. It’s the source of a flourishing business too.

This week, we met the woman behind the successful Beautiful Spaces Interior Design, Kimberley Richmond. Beautiful Spaces is a Cape Town based interior design company. 

“I’ve always had a creative background and I started with advertising and graphic design but, I just always had a passion for interiors,” she explains. Alongside her husband, Kimberley would buy homes and renovated them, and after positive feedback from their last renovation, she decided to pursue interior design as a career.

12 years later, she is now the proud owner of a successful interior design company. Being married to a man in construction, this dynamo can have an idea on a Saturday and by Monday, she’ll have put it into action. At home anyway.

“I don’t have a specific style which I thought was a flaw initially but I have a better connection with a client, I deliver what I feel and connect with them and everyone obviously has a different style,” explains Kimberely. In the years that this can-do couple have lived here they have done different rooms at different times, each taking just weeks.

“What I found most rewarding working on my own space is that I genuinely love my home,” she says, “our house suits us because we are a big family… there’s always loads of people here and I wanted the design to be comfortable for a lot of people.”

With food being a huge part of the Richmond family life, Kimberley made sure to put extensive effort into the details of her kitchen, from easy-accessible cupboards to a skylight and the highlight – Andy Warhol-inspired tiles.  A simple white theme in the kitchen plus those pop-art tiles is typical of Kimberley’s confidence in making bold calls, with dramatic results.

“As this was an old Victorian [house], I find they really lend themselves to being funky and a little bit different. For me, I wanted to keep the integrity of the house but then put my own artist flare on it,” she says. Within the distinct personality of each room, feature walls provide another layer of unique interest, wherever you look.

Contrasted with the darker living areas the brilliant light of the staircase makes quite a show of the original wood and leads to an impressive seven bedrooms under this one roof.

“For my bedroom, I really wanted to create a beautiful, moody, comfortable, luxury place that I can come to at the end of the day,” says Kimberley. As an art-loving couple, they decided to display their collection on the walls of their bedrooms. The moody feeling of the bedroom has been moved into the kitchen with black fittings and a black tiled wall.

The Richmond House is a natural wonder framed by the original architecture and complimented by the owner’s adventurous, artistic spirit.

“As it is a heritage house, I didn’t come in and make changes straight away. I went room from room and as I am inspired, then I design that room,” she explains, “I am an interior designer, I am always going to be changing stuff but I do love my home and I am happy where it is at now.”

For Kimberley Richmond’s career to also prosper with every leap of her imagination is living the dream. Or pretty close to it.

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