Farai Chinya


Sometimes life has a way of changing our plans and putting us on a completely different path than we had ever imagined. That’s what happened to Farai Chinya, who never thought he would end up in interior design but after a course correction, the artist within was brought to life.

Studying international relations is a strange choice for a man whose achievements now find him as the creative director of his own interior design company. 

This week, we explored his most recent project in Faerie Glen, Pretoria where we found that his ability to relate may be his greatest characteristic, as he was able to beautifully translate local art and design within a five bedroom home.

Indeed, the Tshwane mansion has been transformed into a gallery for young artists to shine and every aspect of the space embraces champagne living.

As a creative director, Farai sees local art as an essential design quality and is committed to incorporating it in his projects. This is evident within the Faerie Glen home that showcases numerous African pieces throughout the household.

His commitment is shared by his M.D. Lerato Semenya, who sees local art as a point of pride. 

“The art suits the owners of the home in the fact that it is a celebration of young talent and achievements,” explains Lerato.

“The artist, the homeowner, the designers, all wonderfully, vibrant young achievers who are making waves in their own individual crafts and what a wonderful celebration to be able to bring it into the melting pot to celebrate this home.”

With a home as a gallery, there is one area of the house which Farai sees as a masterpiece of its own.

For the entertainment area, the creative geniuses decided to merge three separate spaces into one. The merged space includes a bar, wine cellar and champagne bar, and a home cinema. 

This space truly calls for a relaxed evening with a glass of fine local red wine while binge watching series. 

The way the interiors and architecture create such magic however, is best experienced upstairs in the main bedroom of the home.

For the bedroom, Farai prioritised neutral colours to set the mood for the space. 

“The idea with the bedroom is that you almost want it to be your safe haven where you run away and escape the world.”

Throughout the bedroom fine gold details are prevalent within the woodwork and art depicted on the walls.

The X-factor however, is the natural light, pouring in and bringing every texture to life.

Framed in glass by six metre high ceilings, the highveld skies make an epic work of art.

The style of homes in Faerie Glen looks forever changed, and in a most positive way.

International relations will have to do without Farai’s talents because interior design is only too happy to have him.

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