Glenfiddich leads the way in raising seed capital for tech entrepreneur Baratang Miya’s innovative app at this year’s Challengers Club auction.

The Challengers Club brought together mavericks and change-makers for a black-tie auction in Johannesburg to raise funds for the project chosen to help unlock the potential of South Africa’s people.

“Glenfiddich is one of the world’s most awarded single malts. To be a leader, you have to somehow initiate change, so it’s not about creating the wave but also about being the wave. What we always want to do with our brand is make sure that we inspire that maverick spirit in everything that we do. What better way to do it than through inspiring future mavericks?” says Kelly Johnson, Marketing Manager of Glenfiddich South Africa.

The brand is proud to help facilitate change by backing a benefactor of the Challengers Club, one who is incredibly relevant to South Africa, and passionate about moving the country forward.   

Baratang Miya is a visionary and award-winning tech social entrepreneur that founded GirlHype, a coding academy for women and girls in underserved South African communities.  

Her latest innovative initiative is an app called Buza that won the challenge for its ability to upskill while localising digital education. Her beautiful idea was born from her experience growing up in the small town of Klerksdorp. 

“I’m a self-taught coder. I started coding when I was 33-years old and, for me, that was the spark that triggered something inside of me… I started with HTML, CSS and Javascript, and then I went to Java and Python. I’ve done so many languages because the moment I learnt coding, I realised that this is a powerful tool to teach other people and then I started teaching in schools,” says Baratang.

Providing opportunities and upskilling all South Africans no matter where they came from is Baratang’s life’s work and an app to learn digital skills in your first language has been her long-term vision.

The Challengers Club auction was held to raise seed capital to help Baratang launch her passion project. It provided a unique opportunity to bid on some of the most collectable Glenfiddich whiskies in existence.

Host for the the Chellengers Club, the Glenfiddich Auction - Maps Maponyane.

The evening saw entrepreneurs and influencers like radio host and club DJ Mo Flava, Aaron Moloisi, Luthando Charles Dlamnini and Maps Maponyane turn up in their finest. 

“Everyone knows I’m absolutely, deeply involved in anything that talks about education, particularly about languages. When I heard about the Buza app, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be part of the project to raise the funds and make sure that the app can reach the people that have to learn to enable them to do so in their mother tongues. It’s groundbreaking. Nothing has ever been done like this before, and I feel privileged to be part of the Challengers Club and to be able to make this happen,” comments Aaron Moloisi, media personality and entrepreneur.

Media personality Nomalanga Shozi also attended the evening. “I think it’s really important for us to familiarise ourselves with charities that are doing things for young, black South African kids interested in the tech space. With an app like Buza, I think it’s beautiful that Glenfiddich hosted an auction to give back to young, black, underprivileged kids who are interested in the future and progressing our nation,” she said.

In addition to the auction on the night, Glenfiddich held a Silent Auction online. This was to further their quest of proudly supporting the innovative ideas of change-makers and mavericks through The Challengers Club.

Radio host and conversation facilitator, Mo Flava.