Ennock Mlangeni has developed a bold new enterprise in coffee art – developing new formulas and tools to define stunning new works of art.

From the small town of Sasolburg comes a visual artist like no other. Ennock Mlangeni, through his passion for art, found innovative ways of uniquely presenting his art pieces using waste materials and coffee granules. These experiments opened the gateway to a new form of artistry which he can proudly claim as original – coffee art.

Seeking artistic expression, a lack of resources to feed his passion for art became the very doorway that led Ennock to his best discovery yet – and his prestigious career in coffee art actually had accidental beginnings. 

“I started using coffee as an experiment”, says Ennock. “I was busy with a piece, and coffee spilled on it – I couldn’t remove the piece, so I had to recreate it; and that’s how I actually started with experimenting with coffee… and, you know, the rest was history!”

Ennock, who is a self-taught visual artist, uses waste to create his art and make a living. For his art Ennock uses old newspaper, ballpoint ink, and paint in addition to coffee granules. Though his pursuit of coffee art might have had its origins in an accident, Ennock is an inspired mind who has mastered the art of meticulously mixing coffee blends in the exact tones and densities that add the required texture for his work to pop.

Ennock also adds that his work necessitated a new and secret formula to ensuring that his coffee art can endure a long lifespan –  quipping that “Coffee was never meant to be a medium that is for art – I had to be creative and come up with something to make the painting stay (in form) long and for a lifetime”.

Ennock’s innovative use of new materials opens the door to exploring new art forms, and strengthens his artistic mastery. “I use anything at my disposal”, says Ennock, “and that’s how I learn different styles and techniques using different mediums. Sometimes I compile them in one piece (as well)”.

For Ennock, inspiration is never too far away – elaborating that “My work is mostly inspired by my life experiences, and also by a woman character, as I was raised by my grandmother… How I present myself to the world is a result of her teachings”.

Ennock’s home gallery is a perfect display and representation of his versatility as an Artist. His collection of work speaks volumes of his artistic ability to turn nothing into something amazing.

His coffee artwork of the renowned DJ Black Coffee thrust him into the spotlight when it made it to social media trends. He has since established a home studio in his hometown of Sasolburg and now enjoys a vast clientele with a huge social media presence. 

With years of perfecting his craft, Ennock is now sharing his skills with the young, up and coming artists in his community. Through guidance and mentorship, Ennock is shaping the next generation of artists and exposing them to the arts.