Join Miss South Africa, Shudufhadzo Musida, as she explores Magaliesburg from a hot air balloon along with her mother and sister.

Since being crowned Miss South Africa in November last year, Shudufhadzo Musida has been winning the hearts of our country. The 24-year-old has just completed her Honours in International Relations at Wits University and is using her platform as Miss SA to do even more good in the country.

Miss South Africa 2020 Shudufhadzo Musida shows The Insider SA around her apartment.

We meet Shudufhadzo in her new luxury apartment in Central Square Sandton – one of her prizes for the year of her reign. The fully furnished apartment was completed with décor by Enza Home and was designed to be both comfortable and luxurious.

Joining Shudufadzo is Zubair Garda, Director of Enza Home, who talks us through the design process for the apartment fit for a queen. “We wanted it to be something that is comfortable, contemporary, and somewhere that you could come in and relax after a long day.”

Shudufhadzo loves how clean, beautiful, and open the layout of the home is and how she can easily host her friends in the space, especially the lounge – her favourite room in the apartment.

Next, Shudufhadzo takes us to the balcony showcasing beautiful views of the City of Gold. Here, Shudufhazo enjoys watching the sunset while lounging on her plush, emerald green velvet armchairs.

The main bedroom is a space Shudufhadzo describes as, “almost too perfect”. Zubair explains, “We’ve kept the grey tones following in from the lounge but just brought in a bit of a dusty pink to add a feminine touch. The two gold lamps just added that little bit of a ‘wow’ factor.”

Shudufhadzo reflects on her journey thus far as Miss South Africa 2020. In her crowning moment, she never knew how much her life would change. Now, she has to get used to the spotlight, the responsibilities, and her role as an ambassador for South Africa.

“I’m still trying to finding my footing,” Shudufhadzo explains, “I’m trying to figure out how to best manage my time where I don’t neglect myself, my family, or my responsibilities.”

However, one of the best moments of her reign was her homecoming when she was welcomed back to the community that raised her in Ha-Masia, Limpopo.

“When I won Miss South Africa, I don’t think it sunk in until I was driving through the streets of Polokwane. Looking at everyone’s faces, I could see a reflection of my own family members from my grandmother, to my mother, to myself because those were the streets that raised me. I realised that the crown is not only mine, but it belongs to the people of Limpopo as well. It’s a symbol of hope and possibility for all of them.”

To spend some much-needed time with her family, Shudufhadzo takes to the skies in a hot air balloon adventure over Magaliesburg with her mother, Thandi, and her little sister, Zwonaka.

Bill Harrop from Original Balloon Safaris explains the allure of this experience, saying, “Hot air ballooning has become very popular because it’s an adventure that you normally wouldn’t do. You’re right in the middle of space and you get to see nature as it’s happening.”

Magaliesburg is also where you’ll find the safest and most reliable air in the world for ballooning.

Excited to hop on board, Shudufhadzo comments, “It’s quiet and beautiful out here and now we get to see it from the top of the world”. After a busy couple of months, our Miss SA is looking forward to be peace of life-from-above.

Shudufhadzo describes her family as a tight unit based on loyalty and trust. “The bond between us is very much like a friendship. We’re friends more than anything else. The support that I got from my family basically got me to where I am today. They made sure I stayed on the ball.”

Thandi is honoured to be Miss South Africa’s mom. “I’m very proud of Shudufhadzo,” she shares. “I know she will do well in the next 12 months.”

Her sister, Zwonaka is about to start Grade 9 this year and describes the intimate bond she shares with her big sister, saying, “Me and Shudu’s relationship is really fun. It’s like we’re best friends and I really love her so much.”

After drifting across the skies with views of the World Heritage Site, The Cradle of Humankind, the family descends to a picnic breakfast where mom and her daughters can celebrate the year that’s been, and the one still to come.

Shudufhadzo shares her resolutions for the new year, saying, “In 2021, I’m looking forward to growth and building this strong foundation for the rest of my life. Not only for me, but for the people that I advocate for: for mental health and for educational and economic empowerment.”

With big dreams to empower women and children, the sky is the limit for our new Miss South Africa.