Hyundai demonstrated the full power of their KONA N + i30 N performance vehicles to The Insider SA, Nadia Jaftha, Tshego ‘Koke’ Mosupye, Thabiso Makhubela and more at their launch.   

Recognising that their KONA SUV and i30 models are enduring favourites of the motoring public, Hyundai has modified both, in a new, high-performance N-series – with a facelift to match. Their media launch in Cape Town was a proud one for Brand Manager, Rachael Layzell, who explained that the day included a track event at Killarney Race Track and a test drive on the Mother City’s most scenic roads to experience the power and features of both vehicles first hand.

Getting behind the wheel to feel this 1-2 combination power punch were journalists and content creators like Nadia Jaftha and Rolo Rozay.

“We are some of the first people to experience the car, from a normal family drive and dropping the kids trip, to seeing what the car can do at a track,” explains Rolo. 

He adds, “The i30 N and KONA N are full package cars – you don’t have to add on all the extras. It’s value for money and they’re giving you great safety features in one deal. Listen to the car idle or revved up, and the exhaust sounds are so exhilarating. You can hear that the car is going to deliver that amount of power.”    

Tshego ‘Koke’ Mosupye, TV personality & culture squad member had the following feedback, “I can talk about the exterior the whole day, but the interior is insane. I love the fact that as soon as you get into the car it feels like you were made for it. The bucket seats just hold you in and the steering wheel feels like your hands automatically just stick to it.”

When it came to Nadia Jaftha’s turn, she was feeling the love for the i30 N.

The N-series won the World Touring Car Cup twice before racing was stopped the past two years – but enjoying one, safely, on the open road is definitely allowed and all in attendance savoured the time behind the steering wheel. 

“She drives so smoothly, baby! It’s a very, very smooth drive so I do not mind taking long drives with her.” Nadia adds, “One of my favourite features about the car is definitely the heated seats.”  

The adrenaline from the day gave the touring party an appetite. Pairing Hyundai with Haute Cabrière, our day with car enthusiasts culminated in the ever scenic Franschhoek, among them, Expresso’s Thabiso Makhubela.

“One thing that most people don’t know about me is that I really love cars. Something about most sports cars, is that it takes away from the comfort of the drive. You typically can’t have both, but I think what Hyundai has been able to do with this one – is being able to deliver the best of both worlds. Where this car is able to switch modes, from sports to eco and normal drive, is so smooth. You can’t tell the difference when you switch the button, but man, as soon as that car kicks in, which is in less than a second, it goes.” exclaims the presenter. 

That’s where content creator, Mandisa ‘Mans.Not.Hot’ Jakavula, wanted to go.

“This event was so cool today. I really enjoyed myself. I love the aesthetic. I love the N look that they’re going for. It’s very different… I’m not really into feminine looking cars. Sports cars are my thing, so when Hyundai said let’s go, I said ‘let’s go,” commented Mandisa.   

Connoisseur and founder of Double Apex Clothing, Sudhir Matai, wrapped up the sentiment from the Hyundai experience, “My favourite part of the day has to be the drive over Franschhoek Pass. As good as they are on track, they’re meant for the road, and that’s one of the best roads in South Africa. The motor is a real gem. That 2L engine pulls so strong.” 

We have no doubt that in years to come, the Hyundai KONA N + i30 N are two cars that the motor-loving public will still be celebrating as having stood the test of time.


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