We visit the bushveld to indulge in Khaya Kwa Restaurant’s highly talked about burger and discover how Capitec has helped smooth their daily business operations.

Take a three-hour drive from Johannesburg and you will find Capitec merchant Khaya Kwa Restaurant. Their family establishment offers you the chance to enjoy a bite to eat in a stunning African bushveld setting and, if you dare, you can bravely attempt the Man Vs Burger challenge.

Founded in 1995, what started out as a small pub for the people inside of the Marakele Estate, Khaya Kwa has since grown into a full-scale restaurant with an extensive menu including firm family favourites, a range of grilled options, surf and turf, and sushi.

“We are situated in the beautiful city of Thabazimbi in the Limpopo Province, and based just opposite the Marakele National Park. This is where you find your peace – in the bushveld with all the animals and special things that you don’t get in the city,” says Sandra Jansen, Capitec client and owner of Khaya Kwa.

COVID-19 has of course proved to be a challenge for this restaurant that also serves the local tourist clientele, but thanks to a strong support network and determined team of individuals, they’ve managed to keep pushing through.

“COVID has been really hard. We have loyal customers that know what we went through. Those people came here at the end of the month when there was no money, even if it was just for a drink to support us. My community and my staff are the reason that we are still open,” shares Sandra.

Khaya Kwa prides themselves on serving food portions that are bigger than other restaurants, and this ethos of big value big taste, was exactly what inspired their jumbo burger challenge.

“I was thinking about ideas for a competition to promote Khaya Kwa, especially after lockdown. We decided to make a humongous burger, give the patron 40 minutes to eat it, and if he eats it all, he doesn’t pay for it,” says the proud owner.

“While it is huge, our patrons challenge it because it is very delicious and prepared by chef Aaron Diale,” she adds.

Weighing a whopping 1.5KG, the meal consists of a giant burger bun, 800g patty, and is topped with hot chips and a stack of big crispy onion rings.

It’s by no means a simple feat to consume, but what has been simple and made a difference to the smooth running of daily operations at Khaya Kwa during these challenging times, has been banking with Capitec.

“Capitec appealed to me because of their simplicity. They are transparent with have no hidden fees and offer 24-hour assistance 7 days a week. This plus their affordability make them the all-round best option to choose for your business,” explains Sandra.

Mariza Prinsloo, Capitec Regional Manager adds, “Capitec is all about simplicity and putting all our clients in control. Capitec also has affordable, tech-savvy devices to offer, along with very competitive fees. Ultimately, if there are any enquiries, we offer the best and fastest service that there is.”

If your business, like this larger-than-life establishment in the bushveld, needs a boost in the right direction we encourage you to visit www.capitecbank.co.za and find out more about the extremely simple and competitive business services and payment solutions available.

For those looking for a family friendly getaway or activity, consider taking a Sho’t Left to Marakele National Park in the Waterberg and put yourself to the test against Khaya Kwa’s epic burger challenge.