Spend a day in the life of Maps Maponyane and discover how he balances his busy lifestyle.

Media personality, philanthropist and entrepreneur Maps Maponyane is no stranger to The Insider SA family. We spent a day with the businessman and discovered how being a Vodacom RED VIP helps with his dynamic lifestyle. 

There’s no denying that life as an entrepreneur is unpredictable in these times, and Maps attests to there being a lot of fear in the unknown, but by maintaining a routine as best he can, he makes a conscious effort to take it all in his stride. 

For him, a good routine typically starts with a good cup of coffee and a few minutes of calm before logging online to check his emails. 

On this encounter, Maps is on a work trip in Cape Town, so we meet him at his hotel, but thanks to Vodacom connectivity is not an issue. 

“I don’t have to worry about having any data issues because I get 100 GIGs of data a month on Vodacom RED VIP’s flagship plan, and I’m able to use that to my heart’s desire to perform all the tasks that I need to perform,” comments Maps. 

He adds, “Thanks to the plan and the benefits that come with it, whenever I’m traveling and on the go, I get discounts on flights, discounts on hotel stays with specific hotel groups, and with unlimited talk time I stay connected to both my family and my business.” 

As is to be expected, quality connectivity is vital for the influencer and entrepreneur.   

“This is the new way, and I don’t have to worry if I’m not at home on my super fast Vodacom business wifi. By simply creating a hotspot with my cellphone and connecting via laptop, I can connect from wherever I am. Just simply by using my cellphone and connecting it to my laptop via hotspot lets me be as efficient as possible,” says Maps. 

In the entertainment space I’ve got something pretty cool coming up – it’s a movie called Courting Anathi, which Maps is co-producing with Terry Pheto and Akin Omotoso.

In aid of his calm and overall health, Maps also ensures there’s time for exercise. 

“It’s really important for me to try and stay fit, to try and stay healthy, get my mind flowing and to get those endorphins going so that I can work at an optimal level and feel my best from day to day,” he comments. 

While on the move, he takes advantage of the SWEAT 1000 partnership with Vodacom RED, which provides him with access to a free three month subscription.

SWEAT 1000 is a boutique gym that has been in the specialised weight, endurance and athletic training space. In addition to in-person workouts, they host daily online training sessions that get saved on the app to provide members with limitless training sessions to workout at their convenience.

“It was something that was very useful for me, especially because I was figuring our ways of staying in shape and staying motivated. This has definitely been one of those benefits I can’t deny,” says Maps.  

His Vodacom RED VIP plan even extends to benefits with KAUAI so after his workout, he was off to grab himself a smoothie and wrap with his R100 voucher that he gets every month. 

“Vodacom RED makes things so much easier and so much more efficient. I hope it makes you think twice about whatever network plan you may be on and to make the switch.”

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