Spend the day with one of Gagasi FM’s woman wonders – Thandi Mhlongo aka DJ Zisto.

Encouraging her listeners across KZN to stop seeking external validation, to look within and just be themselves – that is DJ Thandi ‘Zisto’ Mhlongo’s message to her growing fanbase on Gagasi FM. 

It’s a bold stand to take in an age that is defined by instant visual content, but growing up in Clermont township, Zisto drew her power to think and communicate… from listening.

“My love of radio started in Clermont. On weekends the kids would all clean… you’re on sweeping duty etc and every single time that I would listen to the radio I would get lost in it and it just became a part of my lifestyle,” shares Zisto. 

She adds, “I didn’t even think I could be on radio. It was just something that I really, really enjoyed. Until I grew up and realised that actually, people make a living out of this.”

To get there meant taking the toughest shifts and even sleeping in studio – not necessarily the healthiest lifestyle but the DJ found a balance. 

She was quite the athlete at school and has always known fitness was important so dedidated time to it. But she shares it’s only after having invested in a personal trainer that she’s leveled up her game. 

“Exercising makes me feel so strong, disciplined and just gives me a sense of pride in seeing where I started and where I’m going. I always insist that if you’re going to train, take pictures of it so that you can see your progress.”

Another, more zen workout is stand up paddle boarding and the DJ seems born to it. If she advocates for surrounding yourself with those who are good for your soul, then coach Charlotte Atherton is a tonic for hers.

She was blessed with a beautiful and calm day for her SUP boarding session on the Indian Ocean which had her soaking up the energy of the sun and sea while soaking up the views of the bay. 

“I discovered SUPing when I was on a quest to let go of fear… It’s something like I’ve never experienced. It’s awesome, liberating, calming and it’s an athletic thing because it’s a full body workout,” shares Zisto. 

When you talk for a living, this is the antidote. A balance which Zisto has achieved through the encouragement of her mother Mrs. Linda Mhlongo.

Upon meeting mom Linda, she gushes with pride about her daughter’s success which leads mother and daughter into a conversation about their most memorable experiences together, which includes Linda, who’s also a midwife, delivering Zisto’s baby. 

With her mom so involved in her daughter Siya’s life, they have bonded, like three points of an unbreakable triangle.

“One thing you can expect from me in the future is world domination. I want to grow the Zisto brand and I want to study further and show my kid that you can put anything that you can put your mind to.” 

The most potent Wonder Woman is the one inside your head. If Zisto can be ‘that’ voice she’ll consider her mission accomplished.

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