Introducing We Are EGG: a network of over 250 of the best local and international brands. Join Mr World South Africa, Dr Fez Mkhize, and his partner, Dr Anesu Mbizvo, as they visit the innovative new retail space.

The way we shop is changing at a rapid pace. As we become more conscious consumers, our top priority is engaging with local and sustainable brands. The innovative Cape-Town-based retail space, We Are EGG has transformed and redefined the way we shop into a holistic experience. From fashion and décor to food and beauty treatments – EGG has it all under one roof. The Insider SA explored the space with Mr World SA, Fez Mkhize, and his partner, Anesu Mbizvo.

Dr Anesu Mbizvo and Dr Fezilie Mkhize.

Founder and CEO, Paul Simon introduces us to his retail space in Cavendish Square and shares the inspiration behind EGG, saying, “I’ve always felt that there’s an incredible amount of innovation and creativity in this country. But, the innovators and creators haven’t been given an opportunity in a mainstream mall environment. Effectively, EGG is a platform for multiple brands to sell their merchandise.”

With a goal of supporting local entrepreneurs, Paul ensured that 80% of the products at EGG are locally produced – a feature that both Fez and Anesu are equally as passionate about.

After a difficult year as medical doctors and small business owners, Fez and Anesu are approaching the New Year with positivity – starting with new habits and wise goals. The couple are striving for a Zero Waste lifestyle and have begun shopping quality over quantity.

Anesu explains, “One of the things both of us realised in 2020 was the impact of the things we buy on the earth and on the environment.” Fez adds, “It’s actually been a big money-saver. Sustainability is the way to go, but it also means a sustainable wallet.”

At EGG, Fez and Anesu treat themselves to some New Year spoils. While Anesu had her eye on some matching dungarees for the two, Fez had his eyes on – well, everything. “When they said EGG had everything, they were not playing around! I feel like I found my place. I’m an EGG guy,” he laughs.

“As a small business owner, I know how much joy I get when I have lots of customers, so buying local is huge for us,” Anesu shares. “When you support small businesses, keep in mind the little entrepreneur behind the price tag.”

Featuring over 250 different brands, EGG offers so much more than a conventional shopping experience. Included is a selection of local food retailers like the fresh and sustainable eatery, Seed & Circus, and award-winning coffee roastery, Rosetta.

EGG offers a unique opportunity to local entrepreneurs, giving them the support to bounce back after the past year. With features like a month-to-month rental plan and the constant stream of diverse clientele through EGG’s doors, 2021 is looking promising for small-business owners.

One thing is for sure: EGG is a forward-driven and future-thinking space. With a revolutionary shopping experience, you can also expect a transformation in how you spend your money – supporting local and living sustainable.

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