Karoo Looms, situated in Prince Albert, defines signature mohair fibers into stunning weaves that today, as rugs, wall hangings or cushions, find place in designer homes around the world.

Founded in 1982 and previously trading as ‘Wolskuur Spinners’, Karoo Looms today is a leading weavery in the heart of the Karoo that specializes in the production of mohair and woollen rugs. Initially supplying their weavings to a local market and later expanding to international destinations, Karoo Looms has today perfected the production of mohair rugs – and is now recognized as one of the premier crafters of mohair rugs on the market today.

Also known as the ‘noble fibre’ or ‘diamond fibre’, mohair is one of the world’s most exclusive natural fibres.

Angora goats, which thrive in the Karoo, are shorn twice a year under strict controlled conditions laid out by Mohair SA, making sure the goats are not harmed in any way. The goats offer a fibre which continues to show its face on the catwalks of the world to the wardrobes and home interiors of the rich and famous and Prince Albert is one of the Karoos mohair producing regions and enjoys being home to champion breeders of Angora goats.

Over the years, the South African mohair industry has grown into a global leader, producing the world’s best mohair fibre with two centuries of refinement behind it.

Found in Prince Albert, Karoo Looms offers a range of products incorporating both traditional to contemporary designs. Karoo Looms works closely with its clients in supplying top quality customized mohair rugs that add aesthetic value to homes and businesses alike.

It was in 2010 that the weavery was bought by John Southern, who has an extensive history in business and textiles. After crossing paths with Sophia Booley – one month after she had moved to Prince Albert – John and Sophia set Karoo Looms on a new journey. With a passion for quality, design, craftsmanship and service, Sophia now manages and runs the business hands-on and intends to build on strong foundations and create further opportunities within the business to aid growth.

“South Africa provides the world with about 60% of its mohair,” says Sophia. “We work mainly with mohair, with it being a local resource and a superior fibre, it is naturally our choice of fibre for the looms.

The talented team crafting mohair fibre and other designer products are highly skilled artisans, who bring song and laughter to the weavery and continue to show off their passion, motivation and skill in what they do.

“I’ve been weaving for ten years”, says Mirinda Majiet, who is the head weaver at Karoo Looms. “It’s almost like doing artwork”.

“I think any space where people can be creative, and at the same time can help sustain themselves and their families, is something very special”, adds Sophia.

Today, the weavery has taken on a new contemporary look and has introduced a wider choice of more modern designs, as well as products. Karoo Looms now enjoys its own custom built factory  alongside the blacksmith and looks forward to opening the doors to its new retail shop where we will continue to sell quality products to a local as well as international market.